Testing Services


This article is to give you an idea of the working approach of software testing companies is India. Testvox is a software testing company in India which provides its services to various software companies. They mainly have two packages - full module testing ; hiring their employees for a contract period.

Benefits of such outsource software testing services include:

1. A dedicated testing team containing experts from different domains having specific test cases. Application of these test cases in your product will help in satisfying the different perspectives of users.

2. Getting suggestions regarding your product improvement, with their experience and knowledge. This will help you to improve your product to satisfy your customer needs.

3. QA standard for services i.e., all processes are documented, test cases follow a procedure, bug reporting, test plan creation. Testvox also does bug reporting in a day to day basis which will be helpful for future reference.

4. A task plan for each month, which will be done in specified period without any delay.

5. Services in areas of expertise for Testvox, such as automation testing, device compatibility testing, and security testing.

Here are some more reasons to go for a QA outsource :

Outsourcing relieves the company from expensive functions thereby reducing the operational costs. The best software testing companies in India are dedicated to this purpose so that the quality and user experience is not compromised. A software testing services company like ourselves, will have an unbiased view of your application or product. It will provide the clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your product.