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Common flaws in cab booking apps Some Hurdles that require special attention:

Common flaws in cab booking apps Some Hurdles that require special attention:

12 December 2019 3 MIN READ BY Aneesudheen CP

Payment module

Payment module requires special care in its operation as its dealing with money. A necessary check is required to make sure if the discount section is working properly or not after the customer makes use of promo codes. Normally cab fares are calculated based on the Kms but it also changes customarily depending on the type of cab. More luxurious cab means you have to pay more money. Another important segment of the payment section is about waiting charges. It is required to make sure that the customers are displayed details regarding waiting charges before the start of the journey.

Network coverage modules

The goal of every cab service company is to reach the maximum number of people. Network coverage issues arise when the service reaches rural areas or the places where network issues are common. The taxi booking Apps relies mainly on GPS system for capturing the pick-up location, setting the destination, etc. So once the network is lost the ride is canceled. Ultimately a strong network is to be established irrespective of the location in order for successful implementation of taxi booking.

Types of trips

Variety of ride plans are offered by the booking services like instant, rental as well as outstation. Fares and drivers both changes according to the type of rides. So availability of drivers should be ensured properly depending upon the type of ride selected. Special care must be taken while dealing with users as the need of each user approaching the services differs in many perspectives. Ride fares vary according to the demand of customer hence it is necessary to identify such factors, aggregate and calculate fares.

These are the common flaws obtained after a detailed analysis and are usually observed with all booking Apps which require special consideration. Keep these points in mind to put forth a perfect App.