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Manual Testing for US-based Financial services application

Manual Testing for US-based Financial services application

10 December 2021 4 MIN READ BY Sufaija P

The story of our client

Our client IOCOD INFOTECH is a start-up company. They are working in a US-based finance domain. Their application mainly focused on dealing with loans of merchants and banking processes which dealt with investing money by investors and the merchants applying for loans.
Their market has increased and so has the demand for their application. When the demand for the application rose, the testing started to take a toll on their developers. That is because the testing of the application was done by their developers in the beginning. And the testing was smoother at the initial phase. The developers found no difficulty while testing during those starting stages. The software was dealing with transactions of money mainly, weekly transactions, monthly transactions and so on.
From the initial stage, the testing was never practised properly, their developers only focused on cross-checking the values. When the further expansion was planned, they were forced to change into an agile environment. They have faced the need for qualified testers who were particularly into the finance domain.

The challenges they faced

Need of testers qualified in the financial domain.
When their plan of expansion happened, they added several features to the existing architecture. That made the software go frizzy to work with. And their developers couldn’t handle the testing from thereon.
That is when they have faced their need to hire testers. They were in dire need of manual testers who were qualified in the finance domain.
Since the application was in the finance domain, finding the best resources was hard for the team. Also, they assumed the risk of onboarding testers who qualified in the finance domain.
They were in demand of flexible testers, which also created problems with hiring testers. That is what made them incorporated with an independent testing company.

How testvox responded with them

Testvox were able to help them with the resources they needed. Testvox was equipped with testers who were well versed in the finance domain. They have arranged an interview process with our team and selected our resources to team up with them for testing. As soon as they hired us, Testvox has onboarded them.

  • The team corporated with the regular client meeting.
  • Our resources communicated and help them solve their queries.
  • Shifted from Trello to Jira to find bugs.
  • Able to find high priority bugs which in turn helped them in bettering the application.
  • Closely monitored and approved the developments via Bitbucket.
  • They have keenly worked with the application at an end-user level and the investor level.
  • Our testers curated test cases and scripts to run the automation.
  • In addition to manual testing, we also performed Regression testing, Sanity testing, Usability testing.
  • They have closely worked with the project on a daily, consistent basis to create effective results.



When our testers joined the project, the project was at its beginning stage. Due to the proper assistance from our team, the client was able to add features and had a successful run of it. They were able to remove bugs and found the glitch which made the use of the application difficult at an end-user level. The client is currently running the customisation of the application with the support of our testers.

That is how Testvox enables businesses to provide excellent client experiences by assuring the quality and functioning of their applications.