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Challenges held out while testing a marketing analytics tool by Testvox

Challenges held out while testing a marketing analytics tool by Testvox

9 June 2021 3 MIN READ BY Abhinand S

Testvox was a part of an agile project for a Switzerland based advertising company. The project was testing the functionalities of a marketing analytics and visualization tool used to create, manage and calculate ROI of advertising campaigns. As new features were being added very rapidly, the team experienced challenging moments in the testing process. Read on to know more about how the team tackled the challenges posed due to agile methodology followed by the client.


  • Testing practices were not streamlined and documented before outsourcing the project.
  • No proper format for ticket raising and communicating test cases was adopted by the client.
  • Since testing was not done by a professional tester, the process was not methodical and it affected the overall efficiency of the project.
  • Test cases were not prepared for the final testing of the product before releasing which delayed the release into the production phase.
  • The formulas for calculating marketing metrics were also difficult to obtain as testing was done with limited information.



  • An effective method to design and communicate test cases was proposed by Testvox and adopted by the client for further testing.
  • A proper format for raising tickets was introduced with detailed description and standalone statements which required less involvement from the development team while testing.
  • The descriptions and comments on test cases were updated and stored on a real-time basis thereby streamlining the process using Jira.
  • Detailed test case set was prepared by Testvox to separately test the different functionalities and UI of the final product before release.

Formulas for calculating marketing metrics were obtained from the internet and used for further testing.

The testing and development process of the product is in full swing, and Testvox is efficiently managing the ticket raising and bug reporting. The development team is very supportive and a seamless communication channel has been established between both teams which will help further developments. Testvox has received direct appreciation from the CEO of the client. It has been a great experience till now in handling a vast and confidential project like this.