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How can QA Team add value in Agile Development ?

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Nimitha Mathew
Team Lead | Quality Assurance | Testvox

The QA team can add significant value in Agile Development by ensuring the quality and reliability of the software being developed. They play a crucial role in identifying defects, conducting thorough testing, and providing timely feedback to the development team. By actively participating in sprint planning and daily status meetings, QA professionals can clarify requirements and acceptance criteria, thus preventing misunderstandings and reducing rework. Read More

Shakira O
Senior Software Test Engineer | Testvox

As QA analysts participate in daily scrums, they can update the team with known and critical issues, so they can stay focused on the bug and speed up their planning. QA estimates the testing effort required for each user story in the sprint planning session. User story completion time is calculated including the testing time. Developers and QA analysts participate in quick handoff demonstrations for every new feature. Read More

Vignesh Thangaraj
QA Engineer | Humanitec

In Agile, We need to go for release on more frequent and small cycles, which is Agile’s core ideology. We can only imagine product quality with QAs, and robust release processes. Strong validations/feedback cycles/processes on releasing the existing/new features/enhancements make the entire development lifecycle move closer to the expectations with the utmost good customer experience with no critical defects leaking out of the system.Read More

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