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Types of Food Delivery Applications

Types of Food Delivery Applications

5 April 2020 7 MIN READ BY Aneesudheen CP

Different types of Food Delivery Applications.

Restaurant Management​

If the owner possesses more than one restaurant in the same city then they can deliver the food and share the menu of all their restaurants through this single application. The end to end management of the system is done by restaurant owners. They can create their everyday food menu , food offers , they are responsible for all the modifications in their order, they can fix the payment, service charges and all the orders placed by themselves. Delivery of the product can be easily managed by them. Any offers in the products or any increase in cost can be customised by them.

In this system, it supports both cash on payment and online payment even though there would be no commission charges for the third party. The amount spent on app management would be few. This application cannot be used for the comparison or the competition among nearby other restaurants. Food customisation , menu customisation, order handling can be done independently. A single app is required for the multiple restaurants in multiple cities

The major disadvantages are the promotion of this application is very few. Visitors and tourists would be unknown about this app and gradually the order placed through this application will reduces. There is a need of separate team to manage the software side of this application so it would be a difficulty.


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Chain of Restaurants

A restaurant with number of outlets in worldwide uses these kind of application. The restaurants like KFC, Mc Donalds may have a centralized system to handle their whole procedures. All the menu, cost of food, every offers would be same for all their outlets in the world so the main advantage is for a travel person ie he just need to install a single application to handle from anywhere in the world. This is a high level application used to control a huge system.

Aggregated System

All the restaurant’s order in the city will be handled by a single applications such as Swiggy, Zomato , Uber and so on. Here they can take the orders from every restaurants and they are the one who provides a delivery system that links the customer and restaurant. Booking, Payment, delivery will be handled by them, They can take service charge from the Restaurant and customer end. Offer for the product can be set by both the end

Food customise applications

The customers itself can create the menu and they can make orders as per their menu. This may not be from restaurants the home made foods are usually uses these kind of application. The delivery mode will be direct delivery the person who made the order have to collect the product directly. So the payment mode may be direct or online. Admin panel would be usually simple and a small system.


Challenges of Food delivery applications

  • Payment management – Payment must be handled properly.
  • Commission management – Commission for each delivery has to be set and percentage of amount has to be already mentioned by each restaurants and they can place orders
  • Offer Management – The offers would be weekly , monthly or may be for particular occasions or for particular customers. Every offer has to maintained properly and the developer has to give a special care to manage the system while in developing stage of application
  • Delivery Management – There would be lot of delivery providing channels like courier services so their system has to be aggregated with our system. And also our delivery staff should capable to manage the system