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Functional Testing Service for NORTHLADDER

Functional Testing Service for NORTHLADDER

4 April 2022 4 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

Blogged below is an example of functional testing service from Testvox team that solved Northladder’s concerns regarding the quality of their application software.

Our Client’s Profile

Northladder is a Dubai based, auction driven selling platform for used electronics. Their application enables users to sell or buy used pre-owned assets without much struggle and inconvenience. This application software required functional testing to ensure the delivery of a completely bug free application with exemplary performance. Testvox was approached for accomplishing this within a stipulated timeline.

The challenges they faced

The modifications and improvements on the application software required the client to rigorously perform functional testing on this application software continuously. The client preferred an offshore testing company that could provide the following:

  • Manual testers qualified for performing functional testing in the finance and E-Commerce domain
  • A team that could undertake automation testing and performance testing additionally when required.
  • A workforce to closely work with their developers, who will assign tasks and assignments.

The Testing Solution we provided

The application software under test was technically very challenging and hence the testers had to work with proper diligence and concentration.

  • The team of Testers from Testvox, highly qualified for performing functional testing in the finance and e-commerce domain, collaborated with the developers from the client company who were responsible for allocating tasks.
  • An efficient and clear channel of communication was established with the client in order to get a clear picture of their expectations, needs and the improvements they wanted for their application. The workforce were thus mentored with the functionality and configuration of the application software which expedited the functional testing process.
  • Synchronized with this mentoring process, testers created functional and non-functional test cases including positive and negative scenarios, found bugs and linked the bugs to test cases.
  • Testers also performed exploratory testing to learn the customer site, admin site and how the configuration and system worked.
  • Finally, sanity testing was done to ensure the steady performance of the application and to check the whole system for errors and issues.
  • In addition, testers did UI testing, B2B testing, and B2C testing.

The Testing Tools used

  • Jira: To find and track bugs
  • Test lodge: To create test cases
  • Sigma: To find the bugs and layout configuration.

Final Status on completion of Testing Service from Testvox

Testers from Testvox joined as Northladder’s second pair of hands during the reconditioning of their application software as they faced problems with performance and functionality.
With proper assistance and service from Testvox testers, the application software was finally streamlined to work perfectly and flawlessly. The bugs that remained obscured before the team commenced testing were also identified and reported by the Testvox team which further improved overall quality.
With Testvox, clients are assured of transparent testing services with quality driven results.