Hiring Software Test Engineer

02 Jan 2021
An exclusive interview for software testing job seekers. Testvox CEO Mr. Pradeep shares his ideas, scope and job opportunities in the field of Software Testing.
What are the relevance of software testing courses ? Is it necessary to complete the course before job?

No, it is not mandatory. The Testing tutorials available on the online sites and you can learn more about testing from youtube and other medias. Then you will get a clear idea on how to start a career in software testing and you will get a basic knowledge from the one month online testing courses about the basic manual testing provided by Udemy or Udacity. These are enough to get an understanding about the Testing.

How to identify a person's skill for testing?

You can check your own skill by going through any of the application like Facebook, whatsapp etc., and try to find out any bugs, and also join any freelancer site and search for software tester job requirements just bid on the testing jobs and try to do the work to find out whether you are capable or not.

"Learn and develop your software testing skills by self learning"
what is the need of the programming knowledge in software testing?

In 2021, as the testing industry is finding its new arena in Devops so as a part of this Selenium, Jenkins, Docker are now in high priority and all the companies wish to switch to this technology and obviously the future of software testing 2021 would be this, so for the initial stage it is fine for having a minimum knowledge but you must learn and acquire the skill with in 6 month or 1 year. You can depend on a training institute for taking the software testing course or the online classes to develop the software tester skill.

What is the need of ISQTP Certificate?

If you are seeking for a job or a junior employee in a company then there is no relevance of having a ISQTP Certificate but as a senior level employee then it has advantages. Some company only favours the testers with Isqtp certificates so in our case if any employee has such requirements the Testvox itself make arrangements to carry out the exams.

"Monitor the job sites on daily basis to figure out the trends and current opportunities of software testing"
What is the applicability and future of Software testing ?

The software testing scope for future is really vast and if you start your career as a Software tester then basically the domain knowledge matters in software testing such as Fintech domain knowledge, Travel application domain knowledge and so on. Every company opt for one who fullfill all the software tester responsibilities with good domain knowledge so you can attain the better position such as project manager and CEO level project manager based on your knowledge. Then you can demand for a better software tester salary as per your expertise.

How Testvox recruits the software testers?

We actually go for hiring the testers based on their basic logical skill and basic programming skill. We analyse the aptitude skill through the test. We also examine their language skill through a written test and their speaking ability, almost a 3 round of interview would be there for the selection of freshers.