Software testing companies in Dubai–The list of Top 5 for 2023.

Software testing companies in Dubai–The list of Top 5 for 2023.

30 January 2023 7 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

Top 5 Software Testing Companies in UAE, 2023

1. Quality Professionals
2. Kualitatem
3. Testvox
4. TestCrew
5. TestPRO

Challenge faced while googling on “Top 5 Software Testing Companies in UAE”

  • The search results displayed do not detail exact information matching the search topic.
  • The displayed search results correspond to various review platforms like Clutch, Goodfirms, etc. that lists companies indulging with different sorts of IT related operations like software Application and Web development, Mobile App Development, Network and IT Solutions, Digital marketing, etc. in addition to software testing services. They are not independent software testing companies dedicated only to providing the best software testing services to clients.
  • Also, the majority of these listed firms lack sufficient business operations in Dubai to set up and maintain an office space.

Benefits of selecting Independent Software Testing Company.

Independent software testing companies possesses,

1. Software Testers with ample of experience:-

The experience gained over years from executing software testing projects belonging to different domains racks up an earnest bunch of software testing experts with every independent software testing company who are poised to take over any type of testing projects.

2. Software Testers skilled in different types of testing:-

Independent software testing companies possess a highly skilled resource pool of software testers for executing different types of testing services such as Functional testing, Testing automation, Performance testing, Mobile App testing, etc. as a result of collaborating on many software testing projects over the years.

“This facilitates the options for a client to choose the type of testing required and then change midway if required.”
This also facilitates meeting urgent requirements of software testers for any type of testing.

3. Software Testers updated with latest technologies and trends:-

The software testing teams from independent software testing companies are constantly getting updated with the latest trends and technologies in software testing as they are dedicated to perform software testing services only.
They will be frequently using up to date technologies and trends as part of their daily routines and this experience capacitates them to adapt to any new technology as per the requirement. This creates a resource pool of software testers skilled in the latest technologies.

4. Unbiased Software Testers with an end-user’s view point.

The software testing service provided by independent software testing companies will be
Unbiased and more efficient, and
will meet customers’ expectations to a greater extent as the software testing performed by them will result from an end-users view point or from a third-party’s eye gaze.

Independent software testing companies are also capable of providing,

1. Easy replacement of Software Testers in case of an exigency:-

In case of absence of a software tester due to an emergency, the related project is never going to be delayed indefinitely as independent software testing companies always possess multiple experts in the same testing area. So the project delivery is always assured on time.

2. Favorable pricing for Clients:-

The pricing set for software testing service by independent software testing companies will be more favorable to clients when compared with firms handling different types of IT operations.

3. Guarantee of high QA Standards:-

The experience, knowledge and skills possessed by dedicated software testers from independent software testing companies guarantees implementation of high QA standards for all undertaken software testing projects.

Top 5 software testing companies in UAE:-

1. Quality Professionals (Dubai , UAE)

Quality Professionals (Q-Pros) is a leading independent software QA and testing service Provider. They do QA Consulting and Software Testing Services. They have their own proven methodology to define and build a tailored QA Framework based on the gap analysis findings. This QA framework helps them to enhance and control quality factors in all software deliverables. Quality Professionals (Q-Pros) is a one-stop shop for all types of software testing.

Industries Focused:

Government, Oil & Gas, Finance, Telecom, E-Commerce.



2. Kualitatem (Dubai , UAE)

Kualitatem Inc. is an independent software testing and information systems auditing company and has served clients throughout the globe. Kualitatem ensures the quality of web, mobile and desktop applications across multiple industry verticals. In addition to application testing, Kualitatem provides quality management of information systems and IT infrastructures. They secure their clients through security audits, guiding with security architecture, data leakage prevention and penetration testing. Kualitatem has served over 200 + Clients, tested 350 + Applications, 500000 + Hours spent in Testing.

Industries Focused:

Banking & Finance, Digital Media, Entertainment & Sports, Hospitality & Travel, Infrastructure & Agriculture, Public Services, Retail & ECommerce, Telecom, Transportation, Service Industries, Healthcare.



Leadership Team:

  •   JAMIL GOHEER (Founder and Chief Executive Officer)
  •   KHURRAM MIR (Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer)
  •  TARIQ RASHID (Chief Operating Officer)

3. Testvox (Dubai , UAE)

Testvox is an independent software testing company currently focusing its operations in Dubai. Testvox was founded in 2017 with the goal of creating a venue that offers complete software testing services. Over the years, Testvox has built a comprehensive solution of software testing services to address the testing requirements of web and mobile applications. Testvox offers specialized solutions and strategies in the areas of Performance Testing, Test Automation, Functional Testing and Staff augmentation services.

Industries Focused:

Banking and Finance, E-commerce and Retail, Learning and Education, Mobility and Travel, Social Media, B2C, Human Resource Management.


COSMOS, NORTH LADDER, Al Yousuf Exchange, Storilabs, TutorComp, Fotopia, Zeus Software Solutions, MINDSTER.

Leadership Team:

  • Pradeep K (Founder & CEO)
  • Hashir Cp (Co-Founder, Head of Marketing)
  • Munavvar Fyrooz (Director, Business)

4. TestCrew (Dubai , UAE)

TestCrew is a Global provider specialized in Software Quality & Testing services. They have intensive expertise in testing across various industries, corporate and government. The various Testing services offered by them are handled by their professional ISTQB certified Crew members. Services offered by TestCrew include Quality Engineering, Digital Assurance, QA Consulting, Next-Gen Testing, and Performance Engineering.

Industries Focused:

Government, Banking, E-Commerce, Sports, Healthcare, Education, Transport, Telecom, Insurance.


Madrasati, zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, G20 Saudi Arabia 2020, Kafalah, anb, Bank Albilad, Saudi Payments, NIC (National Information Center), TAWAL, Takamol, etc.

5. TestPRO (Cairo , Egypt)

TestPRO is an independent software testing service provider. TestPRO possesses a resource pool of ISTQB Certified Testers and offers Testing outsourcing and Personnel Outsourcing services. Their services include requirements testing, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, security testing, acceptance testing, and product quality assessment. TestPRO has the First Mobile Testing Lab in Egypt. TestPRO is an ISTQB® Silver Partner and also an accredited training provider from the Egyptian Software Testing Board (ESTB).

Industries Focused:

Banking, Oil & Gas, Health Care, E-Commerce, Education, Transportation, ERP.


Expleo, SAMSUNG, AMERICANA, IT SHARE, Boubyan Bank, CORAL, ADIB, Housing & Development Bank, winsoft, NetWave, STC, Dubai Islamic Bank, orange, VERTIKA, LOGICA, Goharz, MAVERICKS, Bikemania, motosoft, UPSCALE, DigitalHarbor, etc.

Leadership Team:

  • Samer Desouky (Founder, Chief Quality Officer)
  • Ayman Magdy (Founder, Chief Operation Officer)
  • Khaled Adel (Operations Manager)