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Testing Finance Application for D-one – Dubai

Testing Finance Application for D-one – Dubai

17 April 2023 6 Minutes Read BY Rajesh K

D-one Application

It’s an innovative startup solution in the finance domain based in Dubai and deals with highly confidential data . This software application plays the role of a financial consultant and sets financial plans for startup companies.

It facilitates inputting of the clients financial forecasts or new projects forecasts by business owners. This input data is processed and combined with market data to produce potential business valuation. Forecasted financial statements, financial planning projections and key investment analysis results as an outcome of this business valuation.  Finance Application Testing for D-one was done by Testvox.


Challenges faced by D-one 

  • D-one was in its Beta stage when it was entrusted with Testvox and was not tested before.
  • Two types of applications were in use with different sequences of operations for three roles of users. Both the applications lacked user friendliness. They required usability testing to identify apt User Interface design changes and improvements for becoming stable and user friendly.Finance Application Testing by Testvox
  • Lack of user friendliness of the software application triggered user interface issues. The struggles faced by the users in using this application generated a negative impact on its usage.
  • The application required usability testing / UI/UX testing after these design changes. D-one was seeking an expert team to check and confirm the user friendliness after the improvements were implemented.
  • The complex calculations for financial services in the draft section yielded erroneous results and tarnished the reputation of this application. D-one was under high pressure to get rid of these issues.
  • The formulas used for the complex calculations were lacking accuracy and needed further corrections. Service of experts from the finance domain was inevitable to design flawless innovative formulas for the different financial transactions.
  • The workflows with different sequences of operations in different roles like admin, super admin and user were broken in between. These sequences of operations in the three existing roles were to be tested and verified.
  • This application was to be released in a very short duration of time. So, D-one needed a software testing company strong in the finance application testing domain with high QA standards and operating in Dubai.


Solutions by Testvox

  • Design of unique and innovative formulas was done with a long vision in mind about the future of the startups.
  •  Our software testers coordinated with our finance specialist having ample of experience to frame the formulas. These formulas were used for developing and testing the application further as per user intentions.
  • Frequent meetings were conducted with the client to study different user intentions for using this application.
  • The confidentiality of the application was given prime consideration. Special care was taken to ensure security regarding the formulas and data used in order to prevent any leakage.
  • Our software testers created a separate sheet for the formulas. They aided the software developers in implementing the different sequence of operations through code using these flawless formulas.
  • Our software testers finally verified the working of these different sequences of operations scrupulously after the development was completed.
  • Software testers from Testvox created Test plans, Test cases, Usability reports, Functionality reports and supervised bug reporting and management.
  •  Software Testers from Testvox suggested new user Interface designs to improve the user friendliness of the application. Suggestions were given separately for the different sequences of operations associated with the three roles user, admin and super admin.Testing Finance Application by Testvox
  • A thorough application testing was provided finally for each of the applications. This was done after the application development was completed incorporating our UI design suggestions and formulas.


Testing Finance Application by Testvox



  • 32 suggestions were provided by Testvox at UI/UX level to improve the product. These suggestions were implemented by D-one and the UI/UX experience improved in an exemplary manner.
  • The release date was planned as per our report and the product was released.
  • A unique application software in the finance domain with an innovative design empowering its customers to forecast financial statements and key investment analysis was thus launched successfully with the hard work of software testers from Testvox.
  • The innovative formulas for complex calculation designed by the finance expert from testvox paved a strong foundation for the acceptance of the application by customers.

Testing Finance Application by Testvox


Testing Finance Application by Testvox