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Testing Application Software for Virtual Meetings – Cosmos

Testing Application Software for Virtual Meetings – Cosmos

3 May 2022 4 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

About Cosmos

Cosmos is a virtual meeting application with a virtual venues platform that allows people to work, hang out, play games and socialize together. It is designed for employees in a company working remotely to make them virtually feel their presence at the office.
This virtual meeting software application was developed following the Covid pandemic crisis to recreate the in-office culture that disappeared due to the strict laws imposed on the public to abstain from mingling with other people or fellow workers to curb the spreading of the disease. The idea behind the design of this software application was to bring back the kinds of adventitious interactions between colleagues and friends that were present in business organizations before the advent of the Covid pandemic.
Video conferencing platforms currently present in the market lack spontaneity even though they are great at facilitating meetings. Cosmos revives the human network and rapport that is absent when all-day activities in a firm are spent online. Cosmos has conference rooms, games zones, desks etc. that help in facilitating meetings, working together, playing games & socializing which ultimately provides an office like ambience to the employees. Private meetings are also facilitated with the capacity to lock meeting rooms to ensure no one can just attend a meeting without knocking on the meeting room and getting prior permission to enter.

About the Project

The company “Cosmos Video”, headquartered in London, wanted their virtual meeting application project “Cosmos” to be tested in an Indian environment using the internet and other IT related facilities available in India. Arranging sufficient number of expert software testers from India along with the internet related IT facilities available here as specified by different test cases made by them was the biggest challenge faced by “Cosmos Video” initially.
After our software testers commenced their work on Cosmos application software, other challenges came out uncovered gradually. Another main challenge was to train the large number of software testers dedicated for this project to work simultaneously as per the test cases provided by “Cosmos Video” and also prepared by software testers from Testvox. They needed to work in a time schedule predetermined by Cosmos video personnel and their combined efforts were to be synchronized to generate the maximum number of possible bugs so that the software developers from Cosmos Video could rectify these bugs immediately.
This type of application testing triggered further challenges like the failure of the various facilities available with their application software when the number of software testers working on these facilities increased beyond a threshold value. For example, the simultaneous use of chat windows between large numbers of interconnected software testers failed the working of their application. This issue of their application software failing to work on increasing the number of software testers beyond a threshold value was also visible with other facilities or options available with their application software.


Our Solutions

For the virtual meeting application “Cosmos“, Testvox team executed Functional Testing and Load Testing.
As part of functional testing, some of the important scenarios we tested are

  • Different sound options available with the application like muting and unmuting a single participant or multiple participants,
  • Different video options like switching ON and OFF the videos for a single participant or multiple participants,
  • Different screen sharing options for a single participant or multiple participants,
  • Different chat window options for a single participant or multiple participants,
  • Different youtube availing options for a single participant or multiple participants,
  • Different games availing options for a single participant or multiple participants, etc..

Functional Testing for all the test cases prepared by both Cosmos Video personnel and Testvox testers for the above-mentioned scenarios and also additional scenarios continued till the software developers from Cosmos Video could resolve all the bugs identified by our software testers making their application software a bug free product. As part of load testing, we had to increase the number of software testers gradually, starting from a small number and which went up to 75 members. All of the above-mentioned test cases were tested separately with the involvement of a maximum number of our software testers until the application was found flawless. Cosmos Video had arranged for software developers to communicate and coordinate with our software testers to rectify each of the failures found during functional testing and load testing.

The Results

With appropriate and diligent software testing service provided by Testvox testers, the virtual meeting application software of Cosmos Video could be released on time successfully. The final product is performing impeccably in the software market as per the continuous monitoring done by Cosmos Video after its release. This project thus became another exemplar of quality maintained successful outcome from Testvox.