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Testing E-commerce business portal and supporting APP-Storilabs

Testing E-commerce business portal and supporting APP-Storilabs

3 June 2022 5 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

About Storilabs:

Storilabs is a technological startup firm providing complete e-commerce solutions and offers complete digitalization and automation of business operations. It operates with a vision to become a one-stop-shop for all Ecommerce solution demands. The company develops proprietary solutions (e.g. Order processing software), accommodates sufficient potential to implement solutions using established third-party platforms (e.g. Shopify, Shopwired) and offers digital transformation consultancy services to its clients all over the world.

About the Project:

Storilabs was in search of a renowned software testing company to test
(i) Their App named “Subscription” was built for a leading Canadian multinational E-commerce company named “Shopify” to manage the online business portal of different clients or stores registered with Shopify. This App is an extension added to the Shopify website and the different stores functioning on the Shopify website could use the online business services provided by this APP which is expected to deliver an exemplary and wonderful online shopping experience with assured security for customer data. Frequently bought products could be subscribed to using this APP. Different plans available with this App could be assigned to different products and plans with different time intervals of the purchase were available. Storilabs finally entrusted the testing of this APP with Testvox.
(ii) And to ensure the proper functioning of the websites of the stores or clients registered with Shopify facilitating E-commerce business transactions. All the sequence of operations that an E-commerce customer can traverse through starting from searching and identifying needed products till the billing of the selected products and subsequent sending of emails/messages regarding the purchase done needed to be tested and taken care of. Thus Order fulfilment has to be assured for each order without any flaws in any of the intermediate steps while proceeding with ordering. This task of testing websites of different stores or clients registered with Shopify and built or customised by  Storilabs was also entrusted with Testvox by Storilabs.
Company Stage: Startup
Platforms: Desktop


  1. The main challenge faced by Storilabs regarding its “Subscription” App was the denial of approval for this App by the E-commerce company Shopify initially due to the errors found in using this App. Another important challenge was an installation-related issue like the App not getting installed properly for a store if the store website is kept idle for some time before the installation. The App appeared as if it was installed successfully but would not have been installed properly.
  2. The main challenge confronted by Storilabs during the customisation or building of E-commerce websites for different stores or clients of Shopify was the setting up of different and latest themes for these websites. While implementing the latest themes the below challenges were confronted.
  • Certain customisations could not be implemented for some themes, so different themes were to be applied in such cases which may not be the ones selected by the client.
  • Some desired features were not present for some themes. So a compromise was to be made in such cases regarding themes.
  • Some themes were paid and some others were freely available. Some clients required free themes only but they needed more features that would not be supported by these free themes.
  • Reviews and similar extra features were available with some themes as third-party Apps but some Apps were free and some others paid. Free Apps did not facilitate the implementation of many of the extra features within a theme but they were opted for by some clients. So a compromise was to be made between customers’ requirements and theme selection.

Our Solutions:

A rigorous App testing service was provided by testers from Testvox after the “Subscription” App was entrusted to us by Storilabs. This expedited the detection of almost all sorts of bugs on the functioning of the App by our testers. This in turn paved the way for the simultaneous rectification of these bugs by the software developers from Storilabs with proper guidance from our software testers on a variety of ways to recreate each of the software bugs identified. This scrupulous App testing service from Testvox finally resulted in the procurement of approval for the “Subscription” App from Shopify for Storilabs. The limitations confronted while implementing different themes for the websites of various stores of Shopify as per their requirements were solved with meticulous software testing service of these websites. The software testers from Testvox had to identify the limitations of each of the themes suggested by different clients after properly studying the customisation requirements and features demanded by each of these clients. Discussions regarding compromises were conducted following this to make a final decision on the themes to be selected that will provide maximum compatibility with the requirements of these clients based on the features and customisations demanded by them.

The Results:

The challenges encountered by Storilabs were tactically solved with the smart and diligent software testing service dispensed by the skilled software testers of Testvox. Our software testers were able to coordinate well with the software developers of Storilabs which synchronised the software bugs identification and rectification activities providing a timely output. The “Subscription” App and the websites of different stores registered in Shopify that we tested are currently prevailing in the E-commerce portal of Shopify and are used by a plethora of users for online transactions.