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Testing of Microsoft Power Automated bots

Testing of Microsoft Power Automated bots

9 October 2022 4 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

About the Project

Client requirement: To test DMS and its associated workflow implementation automated using Microsoft power automate tool.
Document management and subsequent communication operations following the manual work on the document by competent authority at different hierarchical levels of an organization are automated using Microsoft power automation bots. This Robotic Process Automation project initiates few processes resulting in reduction of manual intervention.

  • The document uploaded by a user representing any level of the organization like Requester, Accountant, Senior Accountant, etc. has to be verified/approved or denied by a user representing the next level.
  • An acknowledgement regarding the current status of the uploaded document will be received by the user who uploaded the document after the verified/approved or denied action by the user in the next level.
  • The process workflow either gets terminated here or is passed on to the subsequent level depending upon conditions or criteria like the total amount in the uploaded document to be approved and the approved/verified or denied action taken by the current user.
  • This iteration proceeds till the last level of approval, for example by Group GM, as shown below by the workflow image.



Challenges faced by the client

  • The client lacked an in-house testing team
  • The project workflow that was to be implemented by using bots were to be understood well for extensive testing of the Bots. The client realized the difficulties and challenges faced by the software developers in testing the Bots from a software tester’s perspective. So they found it risky to entrust the testing of the Microsoft Power Automation Bots to their software developers.
  • Since the release of the project was anticipated soon, the testing was to be completed in a short time period which made it compulsory for them to seek the service of independent software testing companies possessing experienced software testers who are experts in Robotic Process Automation testing.
  • Also, the number of companies capable of performing testing on a Robotic Process Automation project were limited.

“They identified the potential of Testvox in Robotic Process Automation testing / Bot testing after some exploration and finally connected with us.”

Our Solutions

  • Our Robotic Process Automation experts connected with the client to become well-versed with the project workflow.
  • Our bots testing team divided the project into different modules and created the module wise test cases/check points and got them validated from the client.
  • To facilitate our extensive testing process, the client set up a separate project run environment for us to do the testing through remote access.
  • Our Power automation testing experts ran the source code shared by the client and tested the project module wise based on the Test cases prepared.
  • After the completion of testing of all the modules in the project workflow, we shared our report with the client.
  • Client rectified the bugs based on our test report.
  • Continuous testing support was provided until the identified bugs were rectified up to the satisfaction of the client


Test Cases


The whole workflow operates based on their company level Office 365 account from Microsoft.

  • When a user from any level of the company uploads a document into a folder in the SharePoint site, notification will be sent to the subsequent level of users who are given access to this folder.
  • This notification specifies the details of the upload and the details of the uploaded user and the action to be taken like Verify/Approve or Deny.
  • The user from the subsequent level needs to take the necessary action further.

The software program or Bot representing the automated code for this workflow has been created using Microsoft Power Automate tool.



  • “Even though manual intervention is required at each level of the workflow to approve or verify or deny the uploaded document by the users representing each level, the process of listening to each of these actions from the current level and sending the notification to the user in the subsequent level through Microsoft Teams App and through email works with the help of bots created using Microsoft Power Automate tool.”
  • “Also, examining the criteria to determine whether the document is to be passed to the next level for approval or the approval from the user in the current level is sufficient is done by the software code in the bot.”

Technology Stack

Robotic Process Automation tool – Microsoft power automate.

The Results

Bot testers from Testvox were able to complete the testing of this Robotic Process Automation project successfully within the stipulated time period even though it was of short duration.

  • This timely completion of testing by our RPA testing experts transformed the project to a bug-free one which induced in them a confidence to deliver it to their client side.
  • This automation project implemented using Microsoft Power Automation bots is currently working fine without any issues.