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The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Testing Company

The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Testing Company

7 June 2023 12 Minutes Read BY Suchira Ray

Hey, so you’re a project lead, and are those bug tickets raised by your consumers hampering your sleep? Do you need help with the budget for the vicious product launch cycle? Are you too stuck in the tug-of-war of developer vs. tester? Are you scratching your head from time to get your developers and testers in the same line? A robust quality assurance service can answer all of your problems. Partnering with a Professional Testing Company is a good option for robust quality assurance.

Can having the proper testing partner save your company time and money while ensuring quality projects? The answer is yes. Apart from the relief of not managing the in-house testing teams in multiple vertices and making them align with your development team, partnering with a professional testing company can help you in many other ways. Choosing the right testing company can benefit you from cost-cutting to getting an error-free solution.

Hiring a professional testing company increases software quality, reducing post-release defects by up to 80% (source: World Quality Report 2022). This improves customer satisfaction, leading to a 15% increase in revenue (source: Deloitte). The expertise and resources provided by professional testing companies significantly contribute to improved software reliability and customer satisfaction.

Also, now, organizations are more experience-driven than inclined to competitive prices—the more customer satisfaction, the more the chance to retain and attract new customers. With the help of the expertise of a professional testing company, you can detect the bug before releasing the product on the market.

Aligning with the proper test partner is one of the essential collaborations that may improve both rapid software development and Agile delivery. It’s a partnership that can become a significant strategic voice at the project table, in addition to saving time and money.


When to Choose a Testing Partner?

Whether to Keep an in-house testing team or outsource the QA solution has been a debatable topic for a long time. But it’s undeniable that if you want to increase your product reliability, it must undergo a robust QA process.

when to choose a Testing Partner

A high percentage of consumers uninstall any app from their device due to dissatisfaction or product bugs. Sadly, still, now, a large chunk of organizations pay extra attention to the minute details of their product when their support team is flooded with tickets regarding bugs. Or when developers are still determining if the newly developed features would work on different systems or OSs. Partnering with a third-party QA solution team can help you immensely in this scenario.

You should consider partnering with a professional testing partner for the following reasons:

To Focus on Core Competencies:

By partnering with a testing specialist, your internal teams can focus on their core competencies, such as software development and innovation, while leaving the testing aspect to the experts. This allows your organization to utilize its resources more effectively and efficiently.

Difficult to bring the testing and Development teams together:

It’s not uncommon for a developer to disagree with the bug reported by a tester. An unnecessary argument wastes the team’s time and effort. Ultimately, the consumer would only use a product if satisfied. To eradicate this possibility of friction, it’s better to outsource the QA of the product. The external team works closely with the internal teams to ensure the product’s quality.

Budget Constraints:

Endless testing and bug fixing internally only increase a company’s spending. Partnering with a professional testing company might initially look costly, but it reduces the repetitive cost and effort. Quality QA procedure lowers costs, boosts efficiency, and expands the business. Continuously testing your software will reduce risks and costs and increase customer retention. And a professional testing company can ensure all those factors in a disciplined manner.

Want to increase product security & reliability:

Cybersecurity dangers are continuously growing. To avoid being caught off guard by a malicious assault, you must keep your security measures updated. Dedicated software testing services are critical to accomplishing this. The professional testing company works with specialized technologies and ways to ensure the security of your product.


Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Testing Company:

Higher control is provided by having an in-house testing team in one location, but this comes with the baggage of managing resources in different verticals across testing practices. Also, it’s a constant struggle to maintain a skilled QA team as the requirements of the software industry’s skills, demand, and supply change rapidly. An external software testing services provider provides the benefits of dedicated testing services without difficulty keeping one! Furthermore, the cost is a significant factor in this increasingly uncertain world. It further encourages organizations to outsource testing and concentrate on core product development.

Top 5 benefits of partnering with a Software Testing Company

Partnering with a professional testing company can benefit you in several ways. We’ll discuss the top five ways this collaboration can help you:

1. Quality Testing- Industry-Leading Solutions and Approaches:

A professional testing company provides impartial reviews of your product, leading to robust testing and quality control in every stage of SDLC. They always adhere to strict customer goals and are unaffected by management pressure. Your testing partners would have long, established standards for test planning and execution that they prepared from their experience and expertise. It helps the entire process to be smooth and reliable. Also, QA companies have access to the latest industry trends and technologies and hire the best testing talents to provide top-notch services. Collaborating with a software testing company improves testing coverage, increases compliance level, and ensures you a bug-free product.

2. Secured Testing Infrastructure:

The testing service provider ensures that they have the appropriate infrastructure to support your product, which includes software, hardware devices, testing tools, backend database systems, operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), and so on. Also, they ensure security as a partner, as data protection is crucial when outsourcing from a business standpoint.

3. Freedom from Micromanaging:

You don’t need to take the headache of managing testing teams in different verticals and bringing them into streamlining with the other engineering teams. Hiring new skilled resources, managing and maintaining them, train them is a task altogether. A professional testing company comes with a consolidated solution of providing you a solution using updated technology and upskilled resources. They take care of project-specific rules and regulations. Also, partnering with a testing specialist lets your internal teams focus on core competencies while experts handle testing. This boosts resource utilization and efficiency within your organization.

4. Cost-Effective:

Initially, partnering with a professional testing company might look like a significant investment, but in the long run, it’s a very cost-effective solution. It eliminates the requirements of setting up the hardware and software environment for testing. Also, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the test setups and tools, license renewal, or any new purchase regarding the QA process. The testing company takes care of all these as a part of the solution.

5. Reduction in the Product Launch Cycle:

Organizations have realized the importance of involving the testing team early in the cycle. A third-party testing service provider ensures a quicker turnaround time and the appropriate number of testing cycles. Businesses can confidently decide on a product launch/update plan based on a third-party Go/No-Go certificate. An independent service provider will collaborate with you as a strategic partner to ensure the success of your product!

Here are the CEO’s, Founder’s and other top officials of software development firms endorsing the benefits of outsourced software testing services. Availment of outsourced software testing services helped them in delivering top-notch applications.



How to choose the right Testing Company?

A trusted QA partner can resolve the key challenges which impact the internal teams and the end product. And choosing the right software testing partner can shorten your software release cycle and detect bugs before your customer does it. But we know your dilemma is true in selecting a suitable testing partner. Choosing a professional testing company that best suits your requirements and value can be an extraordinarily drawn-out and multifaceted selection process. But don’t worry; here are some valuable aspects you can consider while searching for a QA partner to avoid making a big hole in your budget and code.

Know Your Requirements:

Know your needs before searching for a professional testing company. Before jumping into the pool, know if you are looking for software testing development for a complete cycle or testing service for particular projects. It will define your long and short-term goals, and you can shortlist your QA partner accordingly.

Team Strength:

Crisp & Brief- this should be your motto when choosing a professional testing company for your service. An organization promising selective yet detailed services is always better than a company over-promising too many benefits under the same roof. QA engineers leads, and managers are responsible for product quality and future success. So, ensure your selected vendor has high-caliber testers with relevant skills and certifications, updated tools, and technologies.

Know your Vendor- Background Check:

After shortlisting the probable third-party QA companies, run a thorough background check. Learn what industry insiders are saying about potential software testing vendors. How many awards do they have to their name? The industry’s reputation is enormous, and it’s always been challenging to learn about it. Whether you choose an up-and-coming QA rock star or an established company, ask around and read the tiny print before making a final decision.

A Detailed Service Agreement:

A comprehensive SLA will protect you from prospective loopholes and provide a full breakdown of project parameters and timeframes for each testing phase. This will decrease ambiguity regarding each task that must be accomplished. Another goal of the SLA is to create guidelines and practices if problems arise during the various testing phases. It guarantees that all stakeholders are prepared ahead of time and that no one acts haphazardly during the management process. Also, adhere to your business goals by including product KPI, reporting, and project management approach with the core business in the service agreement.


What is the market for outsourced software testing services?

So, if you’re still deciding whether to partner with a professional testing company, let’s focus on some market research data. According to the leading market research company, marketresearch.biz, the Outsourced Software Testing Services Market is estimated to be worth roughly USD 89.3 Bn by 2032, up from USD 44.5 Bn in 2022, rising at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2023 to 2032.


Outsourced Software Testing Services Market

Image source: marketresearch.biz


Another survey by Technavio forecasts that the software testing market is expected to increase at a 9.22% CAGR between 2022 and 2027. The software testing market is expected to grow by USD 15.94 billion. Several factors influence the market’s expansion, including the increasing use of mobile testing, the availability of cloud-based software testing services, and the rise in test automation services.

The functional testing segment’s market share is expected to expand significantly during the projection period, driven by increased application demand from successful companies such as WhatsApp Inc. (WhatsApp), LINE Corp. (LINE), and Niantic Inc. The functional segment was worth USD 10.86 billion in 2017 and is expected to increase further through 2021. Increased smartphone use and internet bandwidth have stimulated investments in mobile application development, increasing functional software testing services.


Software Testing Market Share by Service

Image source: tehnavio.com


You can utilize the worldwide outsourced software testing services market to locate the best outsourcing location for your business. For example, Testvox can help you with functional testing in quality assurance. They have a full-proved process from requirement gathering to test planning and execution to regression test and, ultimately, test report preparation. To know more, check here.



Quality assurance is a vital part of any organization and should be given the attention it deserves. The most significant advantages of outsourcing quality assurance are saving time, money, and energy. You won’t have to worry about inefficiencies because the outsourced business will handle them. Furthermore, a third party can spot issues that your team may overlook. It is the ideal solution for improving operations and lowering costs while preserving product quality.


How can Testvox help?

So, if you’re thinking ‘Testing,’ we are listening to you! From mobile app to automation, performance to functionality and usability, we vouch to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Is your in-house testing team overworked, or do you need an expert opinion for your existing process? You’ve knocked on the right door. And needless to say, if you don’t need any of these and just want a smooth product launch, we are here to help you with the entire QA process to achieve that. Our team is our pride with expert test engineers to leaders, and with the latest technology and robust approach, we assure you of fast and error-free delivery.


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