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Top Software Performance Testing Companies | India 2023

Top Software Performance Testing Companies | India 2023

30 January 2023 15 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

The need to search for the best Software Performance Testing Company

Performance testing helps in evaluating the speed, stability and accuracy of your application software thereby identifying bottlenecks, bugs, and mistakes which helps in deciding how to optimise your application to eliminate the problems. Since performance testing is a vital part of an application software’s journey to completion, it is important to learn about the firms providing the best performance testing services. Googling is the first option we choose to fetch anything. But Google may startle you with an umpteen number of best companies list that undertakes performance testing, so how would you select a company that aligns with your requirements? Don’t fret, we have shortlisted the best for your convenience. This blog will give you an insight into the top 5 trusted software companies in India indulged in performance testing where you can outsource your developed application to get tested.

How the covid pandemic increased the tasks at hand of Software testing firms

The necessity to install a variety of Apps in PCs, Laptops and Mobile phones has increased recently due to movement restrictions imposed as a result of the widespread covid pandemic. This rise is conspicuous and has resulted in a considerable increase in the workload consequently in software testing firms like our Testvox. Even competitors have reached out to us to share their load.

How to select a Performance Testing Service Provider from a group of software testing companies

There are 6 factors you need to check before choosing a software testing company with expertise in performance testing,

  • The reputation of the software testing company in the market.
  • How well the software testing company will show up and how effective is their communication channel with the client.
  • The technologies that the software testing company is most proficient with.
  • The skill set possessed by the employee’s of the software testing company.
  • The methodology used by the performance testing service provider.

That can be easily assessed by giving a pilot project or a small schedule of a project to the desired company.

Benefit Tip: It is always advised to entrust performance testing to companies that solely deal with software testing services”.

Testvox advisory board finalised the top 5 performance testing service providers after doing profound research based on the 6 factors mentioned above and a few other parameters too.

“Recently, Guru 99 gathered a list of top 20 companies excelling in performance testing based on their research, and Testvox is included as one among them. This is a reference you can rely on while searching for a company that does performance testing “.
The top 5 software testing companies excelling in performance testing that Testvox shortlisted are:

  • Cigniti
  • Testvox
  • QualiTest
  • Indium
  • Testhouse

Now let’s dive into the details of each of them.

1. Cigniti

Cigniti is the world’s leading Independent Quality Engineering & Software Testing services company with over 3500 experienced people. They accelerate enterprise digital transformation by integrating the capacity of AI into Agile and DevOps.
Cigniti has its services spanning across the UK, US, India, Australia, and Canada. They offer functional testing, performance testing, test automation and security testing. They are the world’s first independent software testing company to be rated at CMMI-SVC VI-13 Maturity level 3. Cigniti has earned numerous awards over the last decade, including the distinction of Asia’s fastest-growing company at Forbes Asia’s best under a billion forum in 2014.
Founder: Subramanyam Venkata Chakkillam
Founded year: 1998
Industries incorporated into: Airlines, Banking, Communication, Energy and utilities, Financial services, Healthcare and life science, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Retail and E-commerce, Travel & Hospitality.
Clients: Ryanair, AtomBank, Synovus, AstraZeneca, Southwest, JB Hunt, Gamestop, Neera, Air Asia, ALFA Insurance, Snapdeal, medecision, AccentCare, Cipla, Wales&West.
Tools used: Neotys, SauceLap, LoadNinja, LoadRunner.

2. Testvox

Testvox sprang into action with an aim of providing complete software testing services and delivers exemplary services in Software Quality Management and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Testvox came into existence in 2017 and has evolved from a tiny startup to a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers with selfless dedication in achieving their objectives.
They have attained global recognition on successful completion of projects with national and international clients in India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. By elevating honest and trustworthy business ties, Testvox maintains long-term client relationships which are highly appreciated and desired by the clients.
Domain expertise: Mobile Testing, Automated Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, API Testing.
Founders: Hashir Mohammed, Pradeep K
Founded year: 2017
Industries incorporated into: Finance & Banking, Ecommerce & Retail, Learning & Education, Mobility & Travel, Social Media & B2C.
Clients: COSMOS, NORTH LADDER, Alyousuf exchange, TutorComp, Storilabs, Fotopia, Zeus Software Solutions, MINDSTER.
Tools used: Jira, TestLodge, Sigma, Selenium, Load Runner, Silk Performer, JMeter.

3. QualiTest

QualiTest uses AI, DevOps, and Automation to assist businesses in their digital transformation path. Their AI-powered tool, Qualisense, significantly enhances risk-based testing procedures. It leverages AI and automation to reduce time to release, lower costs, and redeploy resources in order to focus on what matters most to your company.
QualiTest provides a variety of solutions that combine the greatest resources with their tried-and-true procedures to improve quality, cut costs, and accelerate progress. QualiTest is an independent service provider of quality assurance and testing solutions. They assist their clients to move beyond functional testing to adopt innovations such as automation, AI and crowdsourced UC testing. QualiTest continues to prosper and expand while employing the top testers in the world, with the tagline “test beyond the obvious.” They are focused on improving the speed, quality, security, and containment of the digital experience. They have offices in North America, UK, Europe, the Middle East and India.
Founder: Ayal Zylberman
Founded year: 1997
Industries incorporated into: Banking & Financial Services,Insurance,Telecom,Healthcare,Retail & Consumer Goods, Pharma, Media & Entertainment, Technology.
Clients: Adidas, Zeiss, Microsoft, Avaya, Fuji, Philips, BT, Intel, Vodafone, Admiral, TRANSAMERICA.
Tools used: Jmeter, LoadRunner, BlazeMeter, NeoLoad.

4. Indium software

Indium Software is a prominent digital engineering solutions provider with strong expertise in application engineering, cloud engineering, data and analytics, DevOps, digital assurance, and gaming. They offer a wide range of software testing and QA services for AR/VR or Digital solutions for AI/ML applications. They have proven experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises and Fortune 500 clients over the last 20 years. The team of software testers & QA professionals with Indium Software have experience in various QA and testing services like test automation, performance testing, security testing and functional testing.
Over the last decade, Indium has developed a strong alliance with over 100 clients operating in North America, India, Europe, and Asia-Pacific including ISVs, Global 2000, and born-digital enterprises, as well as with ecosystem partners such as AWS, Mendix, Striim, and Denodo. Indium makes technology work for clients, driving demonstrable business value, with over 2000 colleagues deployed across numerous delivery locations in India and at client sites. Indium Softwares teX.ai listed as One of the Top AI Products by Forbes. iXie Gaming is a division of Indium Software and hosts one of the industry’s best video game testing studios.
Founder: Ram Sukumar
Founded year: 1999
Industries incorporated into: Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Life science, Retail, Education.
Clients: TikaMobile, Ovals, BP Logix, Crane & Norcross.
Tools used: Apache JMeter, Grinder, Gatling.

5. Testhouse

Testhouse is a market leader in Software Quality Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and Azure DevOps, offering on-site, on-shore, and off-shore test services, as well as consulting, software testing solutions, and training, with a focus on traditional IT, mobile, cloud, and emerging internet of things platforms. The experience and testing solutions provided by Testhouse’s personnel across four continents, as well as their inventions and strong global partner ecosystem, which includes Microsoft, IBM, and HP/MicroFocus, addresses the largest needs in the testing business.
Established in 2000, Testhouse has a vision that is compatible with Total Quality Management and focuses to augment the world’s correlation with technology to manipulate the power of change and innovation, for clients benefit. Testhouse expertise has developed beyond testing to include more sophisticated strategies like defect detection and prevention, lifecycle quality assurance, predictive modelling, and risk alleviation and quality control, under the canopy of Total Quality Management, as well as DevOps. Testhouse is one of the very few quality assurances companies in the world today that specialises in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Testhouse is based in the United Kingdom, with offices throughout the Middle East and India, as well as a presence in the United States. Testhouse has over 21 years of expertise delivering managed testing services to large organisations in a variety of vertical sectors, including banking, finance, insurance, legal, transportation, telecommunications, government, and education.
Domain expertise: Automated Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, API Testing, Mobile Assurance, MS DYNAMICS 365 Quality Consultancy, Dynamics CRM Testing, Dynamics AX Testing, DevOps4Dynamics, Azure4DevOps, DevOps4Mobile.
Founder: Sug Sahadevan
Founded year: 2000
Industries incorporated into: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Energy, Real Estate, Transportation, Public sector, Construction, Legal.
Clients: KPMG, Barclays, BeckTech, BBC, Volkswagen, NFU Mutual, CAPITA Healthcare Decisions, CLARION HOUSING, L&Q, Peabody.
Tools used: TestComplete, Appium, BurpSuite, Veracode, Load Runner, JMeter, SauceLabs, Jira, Azure DevOps, etc.,

These are the top 5 most trusted software testing companies we curated with the help of our Testvox research team. We hope this article will serve your purpose of finding the best Software testing company for your app’s quality assessment.
Testvox also helps you with free reports for your mobile app performance testing of your start-up.