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Install Appium Studio

Install Appium Studio

21 January 2020 3 MIN READ BY Theeba KT

If you are wondering how to test your application across various platforms, Appium is an open source, free and cross-platform mobile App UI automation testing framework for quality assurance. Appium finds its use in cloud device connectivity, application management, dump and object spy as well as storyline highlighting. Most software testing service companies find it useful in case of mobile application testing.

The tutorial serves as a guide to install Appium Studio on the Eclipse platform in windows.

Prerequisites for Installation

1. Install Java

Download and install the latest version of JAVA for developers by visiting Oracle website using the URL

2. Install Eclipse IDE

https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/ Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers and install it.


Appium installation using Marketplace

1. Open your Eclipse IDE and go to Help > Marketplace.

2. Type Appium Studio in the search bar and hit Go.



3. Select Appium Studio for Eclipse and install by approving by agreement.

4. You can start further proceedings after the Eclipse gets rebooted.


Getting Started!

To work with the cloud you require a Cloud URL and the Access Key. And to get the access key you should have a Username and Password.

1. To Appium studio in Eclipse to use the cloud, click on Appium Studio and select cloud configuration



A Login window for the cloud will be opened. Provide your Access key and click “ok”.

2. Then the next step is to add Mobile into the view.

3. Click Window > Perspective > Open perspective > Other.

You will get a window for perspectives as follows:

Hurray and you are good to go with mobile app testing !!