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How Testvox successfully performed automation testing for a complex dashboard system

How Testvox successfully performed automation testing for a complex dashboard system

11 May 2021 3 MIN READ BY Abhinand S


Testvox recently had an opportunity to collaborate and implement automation testing for a dashboard system for internal communications and data visualization of a UK based automotive company. The development and testing almost all top third party tool integration including Maven build automation tool and Jenkins. The latest technologies and integrations brought with them some challenging situations that Testvox dealt with utmost seriousness and methodologically. This case study discusses some of the major challenges encountered by the team.



  • Data population from visualized data such as graphs was required and it was not possible to automate testing in without access to API
  • Data identification from tables was difficult using data object models without proper XPath code.
  • Requirement documentations were not properly updated.
  • Daily data population scenarios were difficult to test.
  • Data went missing when filter conditions were different while executing consequent test cases as a result of automated testing.
  • Test automation was challenging because of slow performance of the dashboard.
  • Testing the software on multiple mobile browsers was a challenge as well.



  • Some test cases related to graph data were tested manually with specific conditions in place.
  • The team used customized XPath to sort complex table data.
  • Wrote a separate wait function until the particular data is populated from the corresponding server.
  • Utilized a dedicated resource from client side to coordinate testing processes in absence of project documentation.
  • Test cases were made into independent modules by setting preconditions that are common methods and reusable.
  • Table identification was made easy through splitting the data and mapping relevant rows and columns.
  • Monthly inspections were done on test cases.
  • Bought a separate high capacity server on Google cloud to improve performance.
  • Modified test cases were saved as new ones for easy reference in the future.

Testvox employed LambdaTest a cloud-based testing solution for fast and automated cross browser testing.


The project is being successfully developed and tested with automatically generated test results, scheduling tests without any manual intervention from the developmental operations and the client. The client is happy and delighted to have associated with Testvox and efforts are still ongoing to perfect the quality and consistency of the system.