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Kanban Methodology

Kanban Methodology

2 June 2020 10 MIN READ BY Theeba KT

Kanban is a Japanese word meaning visual signal.
Kanban Methodology is a work management system having maximum efficiency. Since we are working in a software testing service industry our work may not be always visible and tangible. In that case we can use the Kanban method.

  • Kanban board can be understood better.
  • We can show it to others, our workflow can be evaluated.
  • We can keep all the project teams on the same page.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Efficient workflow management.

It is the visual key describing what to produce, how much to produce and when to produce. In the software developing and testing field this kanban board is much necessary. The Kanban method allows you to check that no one is taking shortcuts and does not complete the task. It allows us to find how the bottleneck was formed and can be solved quickly.


The main features of the kanban board in Kanban Methodology is that:

Kanban board:
Kanban board is that which we can create different cards based on the project, so that after completion of that specific work it can be moved to the other card. It contains to do, in progress and done.

Kanban cards:
Kanban cards contain all the issues related to that project, it can be listed as open issues, in progress, suggestions, completed tasks, reopened issues etc. it is customizable, we can make it in accordance with our desire. Here team members can track the work flow. This feature with the screenshots and other attachments needed by the developer. We can assign specific cards to the worker in that particular project.

WIP limit:
Here in the WIP (ie work in progress) limit page we can set the limit in the working, for example,”in progress” the number of cards in that particular list can be set into a specific number so that that particular module or software testing can be completed in a specific period of time.

Main examples of the kanban board are Jira and Trello.
It provides the workers a peace of mind in a way that they will be aware of the issues and the task to be completed earlier and they can schedule the work accordingly. Another important feature of the kanban board is that task completion. Specific tasks can be completed on the date that is already decided so that project can be delivered on specified date. Kanban board contains dashboard that visualise the work flow in the form of graphs, pie charts etc, Kanban boards inspire confidence among the workers, on completing the work they will be confident that they are able to complete a particular task on a date and they will be motivated by looking at the board that they have completed. Workflow of that specific project can be easily understood by looking at the kanban boards.


Feedback loop

In the feedback loop the review can be given by any of the team members and review can be discussed on decided days, like quarterly, weekly, monthly etc. A daily review can be set so that simple things can be noticed on that specific day and can be cleared on a daily basis. Monthly review days can discuss the importance or any types of risks that can be checked.