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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing For Your Startup You Can’t defy!

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing For Your Startup You Can’t defy!

13 November 2021 7 MIN READ BY Sufaija P

Every start up forms from a spectacular idea, but is the idea enough for a successful running of a business?
No, the execution matters even more. Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing has a significant role in the successful delivery of an application.

In the era of startups, how you execute your idea is pertinent. You need to have a bulletproof product or application to stand out in the market. Software testing prepares the application for the long run in the market. If you skip the testing it may result in losses. The process aids in producing high quality, well-formatted business applications or products that meet the specific needs of customers. The common dilemma related to software testing is to choose from an outsourcing and in-house testing service. If your in-house testing team doesn’t have the proper knowledge and experience, it will cost your time and money. In order to save time and money, it is better to outsource the testing.
In this blog, we will explore the key benefits of outsourcing the testing of your product.

Before getting into the topic, we would like to talk about what our clients have told us about why they have chosen to outsource for their start up.

Testvox is a pure-play software testing company, we get enquiries related to outsourcing. From that we understand why they choose to outsource testing for their product.


Reasons for outsourcing – Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing

  • Testing is a need for a particular period.
    To create an MVP, most startups follow the same process: they design the product first, then develop it, test it, and then release it. So, the testing team is only involved once 50% of the development phase has been completed. Also, after the initial involvement, and after receiving market input, it will take some time to deploy new features, and the testing team need to be held until then. Hence during this kind of particular period, the startups would want to collaborate with software testing companies.
  • Some may need only quick auditing.
    Continuous testing may not be required for some new products. They simply require a third-party review for a period of one to three weeks. Start-ups come to us for this type of quick audits. So we normally have five to six individuals of our team sit down and complete a short audit in two weeks and provide a report. We address product evaluation, customer personas, functionality audits, compatibility audit, and APP flow audits in this section.
  • No need for the founders to monitor developers.
    In most situations, only the founders know the entire scenario about a product. So they perform testing in those circumstances. However, they may find it difficult to complete the testing once a certain period of time has reached. Hiring professional testers will be a time-consuming task in such circumstances. So they engage with independent testers with strong profiles from testing companies during such times.


8 Benefits of outsourcing Software Testing

As mentioned above, they are the reasons why often start-ups end up choosing to outsource their testing to a software testing company. In addition to that, the below given benefits of outsourcing Software Testing that a start-up can avail would help them in their journey significantly.

The benefits are;

  1. Unbiased perspective

You may think, why would I hire a team when my developer can do the testing. But there is a problem with that. The developer may have a biased idea towards the software since they are the ones creating it. Whereas if it is a professional tester, they approach the software with a fresh, unbiased perspective. A developer may miss the primitive mistakes, where a tester will not. Another thing we need to remember is that developers and testers have different skill sets and different work areas, that is not interchangeable.

  1. Less effort from management

If you have an external testing team, you won’t have to spend time and money hiring and training people. Also, the management team doesn’t have to directly supervise the testing. The testing crew will take care of that. You can effortlessly put your energy into other areas of importance.

  1. Ability to scale

You need high-quality specialists capable of conducting difficult tasks in a short period of time. That means you need a quality team from the beginning. This is not easy for every start up, since start ups don’t start with a large fund. Start ups funding is finite. So hiring all kinds of quality teams would be near to impossible. But with an outsourcing team, you don’t need to hire staff internally or create a working space for them. You can use up the money for other needs. That means the company will have more money and time to think about the scaling of their project. The testing crew will also have a hand in that.

  1. Expert advice

A software outsourcing company has one major goal that is software testing. That is the reason they will have the best team in hand, experience-wise and knowledge-wise. It is not easy to fetch an apt in-house team who will assess your product. It is a time taking process. On the other hand, with outsourcing, the process will be easy. You would not have to be worried about the procedure since they have all the needed equipment and information to deal with the testing.

Since the testing companies are for testing purposes only, they will be having all the necessary knowledge and experience related to the industry. Their experience could benefit you in ways you can’t even imagine. They can assist you from the beginning to the launch. Furthermore, their field knowledge and experience will help you see different perspectives. They can advise you to scale up your business and marketing strategy as well.

  1. Flexibility of resources

A testing company will have different types of tools. With outsourcing, they will use the appropriate tool for your needs. They have the option of choosing the tool. But with in-house testing, resources might be limited. It would be difficult to decide which tool or equipment is the apt one. On the other hand, if you outsource, they will use the most likely tool and you only need to pay for that.

  1. Faster time-to-market

It is a common phenomenon to become outdated in the market soon. Faster development is the only solution for it. If you don’t launch the product on time, you won’t be able to win in the market. The Startup market is dynamic and ever-evolving, it is vital to present yours in time. If you have an external testing team, they will hand over the tested product within the deadline. They will have all set- up ready so there won’t be any unnecessary delay. There will be enough time for trials and errors. It is easy to scale your market launch with an external testing team.

  1. Time-saving

An outsourcing team can help you save time. If you choose to outsource, you don’t need to spend time selecting quality testers. They will have the best one. Your time won’t be wasted testing multiple times and doing trials and errors. All that kind of process will be taken care of by the testing crew. Your time can be used for only business needs. In addition to that, outsourcing will help you launch in the market on time. With their quick, optimized and quality results your company can have a faster release and improved business.

  1. Reduced infrastructure costs

You will need to invest a huge sum of money in infrastructure to set up a software testing environment. From the purchasing of hardware and software equipment to a workspace set-up, it is a costly affair. It might drive up the project’s overall cost and make it less lucrative. The budget of start-up companies will not be high. It is always better to save every penny on the way forward. That is where outsourcing benefits you. A software testing outsourcing company incurs no such fees as we discussed. The external team already has all of the necessary tools to do comprehensive software testing.


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