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Common Challenges While Testing Money Transfer application.

Common Challenges While Testing Money Transfer application.

15 November 2019 3 MIN READ BY Pradeep K

Testvox faced some challenges while carrying out money exchange application testing some of them are mentioned here. Going through these issues, you possibly can avoid these problems if you are working with money exchange.

While testing admin portal one of the major challenges faced was currency conversion of money while transfer. This issue needs special attention in management as there are differences in decimal points representing money. Each nation have their own decimal prescion levels which has to be taken into account.

Make sure if the money ended up reaching the correct sub inventory or not.

The type of currency which will be used at each excahnge center has to be set staticlly. This will restrict each exchange center or correspondance with limited accessabilty to each currency. Example each correspondent is set with a set of foreign currencies which will be only accepted at that particular place.

Reports should be more descriptive about each transacctions being carried out at each center.