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Work, life and everything in between : Meet a Tester

Work, life and everything in between : Meet a Tester

4 November 2020 4 MIN READ BY Abhinand S

Most of us might be curious to know how testers at Testvox work it out while at home or what would life of a tester be like. Meet our Tester Aiswarya Jayakrishnan who has taken some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about a day in a life of a software tester.


Tell us something about yourself

I am presently settled with my family in Angadipuram, a small town in Malappuram district of Kerala. Our small family includes myself, my husband and my little son. I have pursued a degree in BCA, after which I joined Testvox. My biggest inspiration is my husband, I love cooking and spending time with my family. I like making new friends, which has always helped me to get going in my professional life as well. That’s a little bit about myself.


What made you choose testing as a career?

I was always interested in computers and anything related to it, so I pursued an education in the same. And when it came to choosing a career, I was more inclined towards testing than development, which I didn’t like so much. I also was looking for a job that pays me well, considering my interest in software testing and QA. I got my first job as a junior tester at Testvox through an online job portal.


Isn’t it difficult for you to maintain work-life balance?

I have setup a workstation at home where I usually don’t allow anyone so as to work peacefully and spend rest of the time with my family.



Sometimes hectic work lasts 8 hours as it nears to release dates, otherwise my work gets over before that and then I take up my hobbies or try to learn what’s happening in the testing industry.


What are your experiences interacting with developers from the client side?

As of now I have worked with a few clients, and since it’s been always outsourced projects, it was always on the client side. I have had both good and not so good experiences, nevertheless, everything has made me a better professional each day. I have grown by learning from my mistakes. There have been different types of clients, some are open and easy to interact while some others do not communicate well.


How do you deal with tough times in the process?

I have felt bad sometimes, but when the mistake is mine, I don’t hesitate to accept and correct it. After all we are all humans.


What motivates you professionally?

I always motivate myself to learn new domains and test them with perfection.



Because I know that’s what helps in the long run and I am always excited to explore new areas for testing and quality assurance in the software industry.


What else do you do apart from Testing?

I am a fine cook. I enjoy cooking more than anything. Moving on to software testing, being a fresher in the industry I was able to learn and work on three to four domains within a span of just one year, which is something interesting in a professional angle. Moreover, I always find some time to spend with my little one amidst all the work I take up in a day.


What are some of your favourite apps that you like to test?

I like to test pretty much every app, but my favourite ones are e-commerce and entertainment applications. Being used in our daily lives, it is interesting to test the applications with more flexibility and ease just like an end user uses it, more like a monkey testing.


How would you recommend a friend to join Testvox ?

Testvox has provided a wide platform for me to learn and understand a lot being a fresher as you know. I don’t think I would have been able to do this much within one year if I were somewhere else. More than working hard for the company, I was able to develop myself as a professional tester. The same would be my recommendation to a friend to join Testvox.