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Quick auditing report for a Membership platform by Testvox – Mobile app testing.

Quick auditing report for a Membership platform by Testvox – Mobile app testing.

16 June 2021 10 MIN READ BY Abhinand S

Testvox was recently awarded a quick auditing project for a mobile app of a San Francisco based financial product backed by some of the best investors. The client was all set to release an improvised version of a mobile application based on the customer feedback received on an MVP after it’s success as a web application. Being a startup, most part of testing was done by founders and developers. The final QA auditing before release had to be assigned to an external agency for better insights and because of the usual startup hitch, lack of professional testing resources. Testvox offered the right mix of talent and efficiency. Keeping the time constraints in mind, the team deployed a quick mobile application auditing method.
Mobile app QA auditing methods aids the organizations comprehend if the progression is being followed as individuals. Some challenges encountered by the team during the course which opened their eyes to new possibilities, helped the client to enhance their product quality.


  • A major challenge observed was the lack of general documentation including a requirement specification (SRS) document.
  • Since the testing was done on a live application, sImultaneous operations on multiple devices including Android and iOS was required to ensure flawless operation.
  • Aspects of Mobile app testing were slightly different from web applications as certain specific areas like notifications, UI and OS versions had to be taken care of.
  • Multiple user interface issues were found on various versions of mobile operating systems.
  • Since the testing was exploratory, random testing of the application had created duplicated defects which gave rise to complications in documentation.



  • The team adopted exploratory testing methodology to understand workflow of the application.
  • The team also studied applications similar to the client’s product to develop knowledge and compare application flow.
  • Simultaneous testing was performed by setting up a google meet regularly and testing on multiple devices parallely.
  • Categorization and documentation of defects by all the testers at a common spreadsheet helped to communicate the defects easily with the developers without any repetition or redundancy.
  • The testing team also divided the application into different modules for the ease of testing and to minimize duplicate issues.
  • Seamless communication was achieved with the use of platforms like Google meet and Slack which kept the connection between testers and developers throughout.

The team was able to examine and evaluate the mobile application using a quick audit, to the satisfaction of the client. A lot of improvisations and defects were reported like functionality, product compatibility,and app flow audits, including customer persona generation. The best part was that the project was completed ahead of schedule. Client was delighted by the inputs received and the development team was presented with what is going to make their product a great success. The client believes that for a startup like theirs, it is not necessary to have a dedicated software testing resource to be hired and can rather stick on to software testing outsourcing services for professional support.


Client testimonial

“Amazing job done in the last few days, we could not have gone the extra mile of finishing the audit ahead of time without your support. The amount of effort that the team put into this project was tremendous.”