SAP Testing Service Company in Dubai, UAE

SAP Testing Service Company in Dubai, UAE

22 December 2023 3 Minutes Read BY Suchira Ray

SAP testing is critical to ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of SAP applications. Dubai is in the convergence of business and technology. Hence, the demand for robust SAP testing services in Dubai, UAE, is always high. This blog will explore the significance of SAP testing in Dubai’s dynamic technological landscape, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities associated with SAP testing in the region.


What to Test in SAP Applications?

When testing SAP applications, it is crucial to focus on various aspects to ensure their robustness and reliability. The key areas to test in SAP applications include:

  1. Customizations: SAP customizations, known as WRICEFs (Workflow, Report, Interface, Conversion, Enhancement, and Forms), should be thoroughly tested to ensure they align with specific business needs and do not cause any misalignments or unforeseeable losses.
  2. Updates/Configurations: Any changes or customizations made to the SAP software, including updates and configurations, should be rigorously tested to verify the new functionality and ensure the system operates as intended.
  3. Integrations: Testing the integration of SAP applications with other systems, such as payroll, accounts, and CRM, is crucial. This involves validating the seamless flow of data and functionality between SAP and these integrated systems to ensure smooth operations and accurate information exchange.


SAP Testing Automation:

Comprehensive testing of these areas is vital to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of SAP applications, as they play a critical role in supporting various business functions and processes. Different types of testing, such as unit, integration, functional, regression, performance, and security, can be performed to ensure the quality of SAP applications.

SAP testing automation is using automated testing tools to test SAP applications. It helps improve productivity, quality, and system performance, enabling businesses to deliver change and innovation continuously. Here are four significant pointers for SAP testing service automation:

  1. Reduced risk and cost: Automation reduces the time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks, minimizes errors, and allows testers to focus on higher-value work.
  2. Increased speed and agility: Automation enables businesses to test faster, adapt to changes more quickly, and respond to market demands more effectively.
  3. Improved test coverage and reliability: Automation tools, such as Worksoft, RightData, Testimony, Micro Focus (QTP) UFT, eCATT, and Selenium, help cover more test cases, improve test reliability, and reduce testing time.
  4. Ease of use and maintenance: No-code automation tools allow anyone in the organization, whether business experts or technology experts, to understand and maintain the automation flows, making the testing process more efficient and agile.

By implementing SAP testing automation, businesses can ensure the quality and robustness of their SAP applications, leading to improved operational efficiency, better customer targeting, and enhanced user experiences.


Testvox - Software Testing Company Dubai


Testvox SAP Testing Service in Dubai, UAE:

Testvox, a prominent name in the software testing industry, is expanding its global reach by establishing a new office in Dubai. In May 2023, Testvox extended its operations to Dubai, capitalizing on the region’s growing technology sector. Not only does it successfully provide top-notch delivery from the front in Dubai, but its vast pool of skilled testers based out of India helps to seamlessly continue a robust SAP Testing Service in Dubai. To know more about our office and infrastructure in Dubai, you can check our operations in Middle-east,