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Meet our Software Tester : Ms. Nimitha Mathew

Meet our Software Tester : Ms. Nimitha Mathew

23 February 2023 3 Minutes Read BY Sheeshma Murali

Meet our Software Tester : Ms. Nimitha Mathew : A QA expert who shares her love for quality and testing.


Let’s know about yourself!

Hailing from the beautiful state of Kerala (a.k.a “God’s Own Country”), I now reside in Vadodara, Gujarat with my loving husband and daughter. I have a total of 5.7 years of professional experience, with 3.3 years spent as a software tester.


How was the journey after graduation?

Graduated from Saintgits College of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics, and started as a software developer at Verizon Data Services in Chennai. But gradually realized my passion is in testing, so switched my career to manual testing at Saasvaap Techies in Kochi. Later had a brief exposure to Data Migration team at RAKICC bank in UAE, and then took a break for parenting. But now I restarted my career with a remote opportunity at Testvox.


In your career transition, why do you love testing?

Testing is crucial in ensuring that everything works perfectly. It’s an important part of any work to guarantee its success. Writing test cases is actually pretty straightforward – just think about how a user would use it and what needs to be tested. Well, my love for testing doesn’t just stop at work. I can spot bugs and issues in anything I come across.


Hey,  would like to know some  of your greatest strengths?

I’m pretty skilled when it comes to manual testing, and I’ve got a knack for solving problems and thinking critically. I’m a quick learner and just love learning new things, especially when it comes to new technologies. On top of that, I’m a great team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills.


How do you juggle your work and personal commitment?

For me, work doesn’t feel like an extra burden because I’m truly passionate about what I do. And with Testvox offering flexible and remote options, it’s been easier to balance my career and personal life. I’m thankful to God and very grateful for my family’s support as well.


Meet a Software Tester from Testvox


Share some of the Apps that you particularly enjoy using.

I’m all about some retail freak, especially on Flipkart and Amazon! And for when I need a good virtual socializing, I’m all about WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. I mean, what’s better than a little shopping and chatting other than work.


How do you feel about being chosen as one of the top testers in 2022?

I am very happy about this recognition, it’s like an attestation of our quality work. I am very thankful to God for allowing my mind to think and easily adapt to the testing scenarios. A good tester must have the capability to immerse themselves in various scenarios to effectively identify the correct test cases.


How would you convince someone to join Testvox?

Testvox has a great work culture with friendly teammates who give you opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Plus, the remote work option is a huge plus, especially for ladies like me. Overall, it’s a fantastic company to work for.