“Best Software Tester in Town” #Dubai

“Best Software Tester in Town” #Dubai

6 January 2023 3 MIN READ BY Sheeshma Murali

It’s time to give back! to the community! Something exciting!  Testvox is an identity, it’s a community of quality, which is developed over the period of past 05 years, and we felt it’s a good time to honor the talents in the industry. So we initiated our first-ever campaign to recognize and felicitate some of the Best software Testers from this part of the globe i.e #Dubai

Software Testers have always contributed immensely in product development and hence we need to appreciate them. The purpose of our campaign is to raise awareness about the quality of work carried out by the members of the QA community. It’s only right to celebrate the success of the community with an event.


Refer the best Testers!!!

As part of our outreach efforts, the team has reached out to several Senior Developers, Project Managers, and other Senior professionals in Dubai, asking them to refer to someone they believe has made a significant contribution and deserves recognition.

An online form was distributed by the end of Sep-2022 and they were requested not only to name a tester but also specify a valuable reason to justify their selection.


Best Software Tester in Dubai selection Campaign


It was such a pleasant surprise to receive dozens of submissions by October 2022, all with wonderfully written testimonials that explained why their referral was recommended.

Testvox panelists, consisting of Test engineers, Agile practitioners, and project managers, evaluated the responses considering various criteria, such as how much they contributed to the projects, etc. The gifts are then delivered by the end of November, 2022. There is a major attraction to this event, which is that the winners are going to receive the gift from their friend who referred their names.

Best Software Tester in Dubai –Shortlisted Candidate


By a Senior project Manager :

“Maryam Javaid  is an excellent curious tester who not only thinks from functional aspects of the requirements but also keeps end customers in mind which helps a lot in delivering a quality product. With regards to automation testing rather than blindly going ahead to target 100% automation she focuses on ROI from automation and target automation accordingly.”

By Mohammed Ahmed

“Khalid Al Busairi is an ambitious tester, who has improved the value of our product by finding critical bugs in our web application. His understanding, knowledge of software testing and the proactiveness that he exhibited, was very impressive and helped us in getting our project completed on time. Moreover, he implemented an automated regression testing process, to enhance the quality of our service and speed-up the delivery of our web-application.”

By a Senior Developer:

“Mohammed Shahbaz has submitted his life for performance testing and is the busiest person in our organization and all applications performance depends on him. He is also technically very good and updated.”

By a Scrum Manager:

“We gladly recommend Mohammed Hashir. He is a great performance tester, and quickly developed a set of automated test scripts and subsequently scheduled test execution accordingly, to meet all the requirements from our team. He helped immensely to escalate quality products with faster release cycles.”

Congrats to all the winners and acknowledge everyone who submitted the forms, responded and spread the word. The testers who are honored not only receive goodies and recognition within the industry at large, but they will also gain respect and develop a positive work culture in the future as well

Best Software Tester Selection in Dubai –Winner

Winning Moment

When they wear the shirt, it will symbolize how ingenuity, dedication, and passion drive QAs work to perfection. It is our hope that through this campaign, we will continue to motivate & inspire the QA community to achieve great accomplishments.

Pretty good testing is easy to do. Excellent testing is quite hard to do.
— James Bach, founder, Satisfice