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Quick QA auditing for Y Combinator startup

A rapid audit project was undertaken for a Fintech Mobile App developed by a San Francisco-based Startup, supported by some of the industry's top investors. This mobile app facilitates a platform that allows content creatorsto receive support and donations from their audience or fans.

FinTech Mobile App

Type of Testing

Quick QA for Startups


5 Days Startup Testing



Official payment partner


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Y Combinator


As a startup, founders and developers conducted most of the testing, but they perceived it as insufficient due to a lack of expertise in software testing.

Testing on Multiple mobile Devices

Testing on Multiple mobile Devices

The necessity for conducting testing on a live application posed the challenge of ensuring seamless functionality across multiple devices, encompassing both Android and iOS platforms, simultaneously.

Testing on different versions of Android and IOS OS

Testing on different versions of Android and IOS OS

The challenge involved adapting mobile app testing methodologies to account for nuanced differences compared to web applications. Specifically, attention was required in areas such as notifications, UI, and OS versions. The discovery of multiple user interface issues across various mobile operating system versions added complexity to the testing process.

Limited Software Testing Documentation

Limited Software Testing Documentation

A notable challenge encountered was the absence of comprehensive documentation outlining the functionalities and operations of the application. This made it challenging for team members to acquire comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of the application's functionalities and operations. The Client needed standard QA documentation for their further development and continued testing.


We assembled a 10-member team dedicated to expeditiously executing a rapid audit of the fintech mobile app within a concise timeframe of 5 days.

Exploratory Testing and Comparison

Exploratory Testing and Comparison

Exploratory testing approach allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the application's dynamics, revealing potential pitfalls and areas for improvement. By drawing insights from similar applications, the team not only identified best practices but also gained valuable perspectives that contributed to refining the overall testing strategy. This enabled the team to proactively identify and notify issues, ultimately contributing to an improved product quality.

Modular Testing and Communication Strategies

Modular Testing and Communication Strategies

Given the exploratory nature of testing, random testing of the application led to the emergence of duplicated defects, creating complications in the documentation process. To address this challenge, the testing team strategically divided the application into distinct modules. This modular approach not only facilitated testing but also minimized the occurrence of duplication issues. To enhance collaboration and communication efficiency

Comprehensive Testing Documentation

Comprehensive Testing Documentation

Testvox meticulously documented all aspects offered by the application while concurrently conducting tests. To facilitate efficient communication between software testers and developers, defects were systematically categorized and documented in a shared spreadsheet. This approach streamlined the defect reporting process, eliminating redundancy and ensuring clear communication.


QA Engineers conducted a meticulous customer persona generation to enhance user-centric testing.

Our software testing team employed a swift audit scheme to thoroughly examine and evaluate the mobile application. The client promptly received a comprehensive audit report within a 5-day testing period.

We successfully implemented a standardized quality assurance process for the project even within a limited budgetary framework. We ensured the delivery of comprehensive testing methodologies, adhering to industry standards while optimizing available resources for optimal outcomes.

Amazing job done in the last few days, we could not have gone the extra mile of finishing the audit ahead of time without your support. The amount of effort that the team put into this project was tremendous.
Shakeeb M | Lead Mobile Engineer @ Buy Me A Coffee

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