Microsoft Dynamics 365 Testing Company in Dubai

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Testing Company in Dubai

18 January 2024 3 Minutes Read BY Suchira Ray

Testing has become integral to the software development process, ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) applications are high-quality and offer a seamless user experience. Implementing D365 test automation and following best practices are crucial to achieve this. Demand for skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 testers in Dubai, UAE, is soaring as businesses increasingly rely on this versatile platform. Here, we will delve into the best practices and the transformative potential of codeless test automation in achieving testing success.


Challenges of testing Dynamics 365

The challenges of testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 include:

Low-quality test basis: Test scenarios are usually prepared based on a detailed specification of test requirements, a description of process flows, and business scenarios. If the test basis is of low quality, it can lead to incomplete or inaccurate testing.

Manual work: Manual testing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially when dealing with complex data sets and various combinations of input and output data. It also requires involving business users in the execution of business test scenarios.

Complex configurations/business processes: Dynamics 365 is a complex web application that comprises nested iFrames, dynamic IDs, and deep object trees, making it challenging to write and maintain Selenium scripts.

Data quality: Ensuring data quality is crucial for accurate testing. Poor data quality can lead to incorrect test results and ineffective testing.

Regression testing: As Dynamics 365 undergoes periodic updates and version changes, regression testing becomes necessary to ensure compatibility with new releases and updates.

Inadequate testing: Inadequate testing can lead to issues in the implementation of Dynamics 365, which can impact the business operations and user experience.

Compliance with regulations: Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards is essential for the successful implementation of Dynamics 365.


Best Practices for Dynamics 365 Testing

Domain Knowledge: D365 domain knowledge is essential to testing. Business users and manual testers should own the process of implementing, building, and maintaining test automation, as they are already familiar with the Dynamics set-up.

Automation Prioritization: Start with simple, repeatable, and stable tests when deciding what to automate and who automates. This approach can bring efficiency and success to your testing.

Scalable Test Automation: Due to the complexity of D365, scalable test automation is crucial in ensuring that you can run as many tests as needed to check for quality and integration testing.

Collaboration and Accessibility: Test automation should provide all users access to results, improving collaboration between development and QA teams, especially in a business-critical system like D365.


Test Automation for Dynamics 365

The challenges faced when testing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform include managing many test assets, periodic updates and version changes, and new custom feature requirements. To address these challenges, leveraging an intelligent automation platform that enables UI-based test automation, re-using test assets diligently, and prioritizing automation journeys are essential best practices.


Performance Testing for Dynamics 365

Utilizing a performance testing tool before deploying Dynamics 365 can lower the risk of potential issues. Performance testing usually involves simulating a particular workload with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to ensure that Dynamics 365 performs well under expected and peak load conditions.

In conclusion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing requires a strategic approach that includes domain knowledge, automation prioritization, scalable test automation, and collaboration. By following these best practices and leveraging test automation tools, organizations can ensure the high quality and seamless user experience of their D365 applications.

The primary reason for the increased demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 test automation is the platform’s growing global adoption, with businesses attempting to stay ahead of the curve in the CRM space.


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