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Search Option Testing

Search Option Testing

12 June 2020 10 MIN READ BY Pradeep K

A website or mobile application without a search box is difficult to find. Search bar makes a new user to find something from the new website or application. Search bar will always be placed at the top of the page, which will be an attractive matter for which has to strike the user. Testing of search boxes is relevant while using automation testing because search results should be confined and results should be displayed accordingly.

GUI of search tabs:

  • The UI/UX of the search box needs to be checked.
  • Check if the search tab is properly placed.
  • Placeholder needs to be present in the search bar.
  • Search keyword should be displayed in search bar.
  • Magnifying glass icon in the search box is also better to be placed in the search bar.
  • When scrolling down the page, search box needs to be visible to the user at the top, so that user need not visit the top to type the keyword.
  • Verify that search tab is visible from all the pages, otherwise user may have to go to the home page often to search.


Search suggestions:

It is an option in which on searching a word, related suggestions respective to that word will be provided. Here are some tips on testing search suggestions:

  • That is on typing a single word in the search box, a drop down list should be displayed.
  • Selection of a desired search word from that dropdown should be enabled.
  • Auto completion of a word needs to be enabled so that it makes the user more clear in that point of view, and the user can easily navigate to the desired pages.
  • Check if when the suggestion is provided, whether it is after typing the 3 letters or more it is more precise.
  • Verify that suggested results take us to the desired pages.
  • Is Listed suggestion related to the word typed in the search box.
  • Is suggestion changes on typing the words and changing those in the search tab, ie increase and decrease in the words.
  • Verify that search history or the suggestion that is shown when the search box is clicked is different for the users that logged from different accounts in the same device.


Advanced search options:

In advanced search option there will be search filter available, i.e for example in an eCommerce application we can search on the basis of products or brands etc We have to look whether the advanced search option is easily accessible and should be responsive.

On searching in advanced search options, the results should be much accurate and specific. We have to check that the results are relevant and according to the search and it should be more specific.

We need to verify the extra features that are provided in the advanced search options, and need to test all those functionality.

Verify that “no results” should not be shown, if else that should be hidden. Here are some tips for functionality testing of advanced search options:

  • Search filter options need to be visible, for example in eCommerce applications the search filter will only be shown after typing a word. Check if that filter option is clickable and navigates to the specific page.
  • Verify that we can search by brands, price, product, colour, size etc., in the filter options.
  • Verify that results are shown specifically according to the search option.
  • Check if all the functionalities in the search are defined or working fine.
  • No results option need not be shown or displayed instead it can lead to a customer support page or any other.
  • Filtering option should be allowed to edit.
  • It should be responsive on mobile also.
  • Clearing the search tab, it should redirect to the search page or home page.


Functional testing:

  • Responsiveness is the main factor in functional testing, it should be responsive in mobile devices also.
  • Images and related stuffs should be displayed in the search results.
  • Keywords searched can be more precise or may be a brand so that all that types should be shown.
  • If the website is for learning purpose and single keyword should suggest all the word related to that topics.