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Need Of UI/UX Testing ?

Need Of UI/UX Testing ?

5 October 2022 3 MIN READ BY Deepu Jacob

Need of UI/UX testing ?

No there is no need of UI/UX Testing , but you must know what is UI/UX testing and reach out the Testers for their suggestions because they may have an immense experience in applications of different domains. So they can guide you to make changes in UI/UX design with their high priority suggestions Here we can discuss how to do UI/UX testing and the working approaches of Testvox .


Mentioned below are the team activities after the requirement gathering meeting of UI/UX design.

  • Understand the requirements , study the use cases and then study about the competitors and then learn about the behaviour of type of application users.
  • Arrange an analysis meeting for the discussion of UI/UX design among the testers.
  • Act a workflow and monitor the doubts and queries.
  • Report the suggestions, Modifications, bugs and so on.


Go through some of the testcases in UI/UX testing

  • Verify whether the colour of the page is keeping the standard.
  • By keeping the username and password blank, click the sign-in option to verify that an error message appears.
  • Verify the font size and style.
  • Verify font overlapping with zoom in.
  • Cross check on the Colour indications.
  • Verify the mouse cursor.


These are the different types of issues we have identified.

  • Font overlapping on zoom in the dash board page/ Home page.
  •  Notification Message wordings can be made shot and compatible.
  • It would be better if we added a ‘START OVER’ button also near continue button.


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