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CRM Testing

CRM Testing

27 May 2020 3 MIN READ BY Pradeep K

The Customer Relationship Management software, used for analysing customers, helps in enhancing customer interaction. The primary goal of this software is to improve business relationship with customers through retention and acquisition.

Apart from its ease of use, the software delivers many benefits

  • Better data organisation i.e. it imports the customer details into the software and it starts tracking all the sales and engagement with a particular customer.
  • Communication with the customers will be enhanced better i.e. remainders will be automated and email will be shown as a template.
  • It can be used to manage the business relationship, business practices and business process.
  • The monthly or weekly target of the team can be analysed from the software.
  • CRM saves a lot of time on repeating the same steps over and over again when a new customer arrives.
  • It reduces the crack between the customers.
  • It helps in developing customer relations by enabling our team to respond quickly to their queries. We can manage to make them feel as a priority by easily tracking their problem.

CRM software testing means testing the user’s ability to use the software. In user ability testing we have to check that the software functions in all types of browsers. Mobile app testing and web app testing can be used to check the functioning of the software in mobile and web. We have to check that the font size and the color of the font used in the application is correct.


Data quality and integration testing

  • Verify the data entered is correct.
  • Check if there is any duplication of data.
  • Check if there any data is missing.
  • Check if there is any misplacing of data.
  • Verify that the search bar works totally fine.
  • Check whether other systems are properly integrated with CRM.
  • Date format.
  • Validation of dates.
  • Sorting orders.
  • Reliability and accuracy.


Performance testing

Performance of the application or the software needs to be tested to ensure its compatibility.
How the software responds to an increase in the number of users should be checked. It must be ensured that there is no slowdown in the app performance and no difficulty for the users to use the application. Response time along with Peak Time, Reliability and Scalability should be checked.

Security check

Need to be performed because the customers data is confidential and security should be analysed.

Functional testing

Functional testing is carried out to ensure that the functions correctly match with the functionalities of the application. It is essential to check for any mis-functions in the software.

The following functions should be tested

  • What happens to the software when internet connection is lost.
  • Accessible to hidden datas.
  • Access level.
  • Transaction process.
  • Tax details.