Future and business landscape of script less automation tools?

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Nimmy Baburaj
Software QA Consultant | QA lead | | OSN, Dubai

In today’s world, we have multiple options available when selecting any single product or service. What makes one product differentiate from another is the quality which it provides to the user. Hence “Testing” plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and reliability of any product or application.

Changes are expected in every sector, the same happens with Software Testing as well. Usually, Testers are the ones who have complete knowledge about the application and the SMEs of the domain but many lack coding skills which is really a difficult situation for them in the current Industry. Once we have better script less automation tools available in market, then future will be for those tools.

Traditional test automation approaches rely on scripting, which is time-consuming, and maintenance of the script is difficult. As we all entered the agile way of project management, we always have back-to-back releases and the changes to the existing features are also expected. To maintain the automation scripts in this case is really time consuming and impacts on the deadline of the deliverables.

Once the market is having reliable script less automation tool then it will majorly help the organizations on reducing the time, cost, and maintenance of automation and in turn it helps to achieve the project deliverables in a lesser time frame without compromising on quality. These benefits will make the script less automation a boom in the future and help the non-technical testers and business users to effectively use the automation in their testing.

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