What Agile strategies have you found most effective for balancing thorough testing and rapid product delivery?

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Ahmed yousry
Senior Software Quality Engineer | Abu Dhabi Ports, DUBAI, UAE.

In my professional experience, one of the major concepts in Agile is to follow Agile methodologies, which involve running iterative releases. To divide the entire project into milestones and deliver a project or service approximately every two weeks.

One of key points here is to conduct retrospective meetings after every sprint. Team members have this meeting and every member will address his obstacles during that sprint in order to overcome and enhance the delivery process from the next upcoming sprint.

And for Testing in particular, we need to always have up to date regression Automation plans which execute end to end scenarios and link these plans with Jenkins pipelines to run periodically on every environment ( QA, Staging and production) and notify stakeholders with alerts in case of failures.

Automation plans should be up to date with the scope of the current sprint or the last previous one by maximum.

Static testing , in beginning of every sprint , QA should be involved in grooming business meeting with Developers in order to be much more familiar with requirements and write High level design documents against these requirements. This will help the whole team to be confident that we are following the concept of Validation( Are we building the System Right ?) and Verification (Are we building the right system? ).

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