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Testing Document Management Applications integrable with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint

Testing Document Management Applications integrable with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint

16 November 2022 5 MIN READ BY Rajesh K

About the project

Fotopia technologies develops content management solutions. Fotopia’s set of tools helps in managing documents, contents and information on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Fotopia entrusted 3 projects with Testvox for thorough testing.

  1. FotoSign,
  2. FotoCapture, and
  3. FotoView.



  • Fotosign is an add-on used in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Used to view, sign, edit and annotate documents such as contracts comfortably and quickly before sharing. Electronic signatures and digital stamps can be applied with much  ease and efficiency using Fotosign.
  • Fotosign ensures that documents are signed with multi-level authentication and users are secured from vulnerabilities or unauthorized attacks.
  • Own digital stamps can be created using FotoSign or a digital stamp designed or custom-made by a graphic designer can be uploaded. Also, every team-member can create their own electronic signature within the tool, making it simple to add their secure signature to any document.




  • Used to capture physical & Digital documents. It can scan and digitize documents making it ready for annotation, archiving and collaboration.
  • FotoCapture is a plug and play document capture solution that can be integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Converts scanned text into word processing files. These files can be searched for any content.
  • Contents from any paper or digital assets can be scanned directly to SharePoint. Emails, images, PDF files, etc. can be dragged and dropped directly to the Fotopia library. Saves scanned documents quickly from any location with web access to a SharePoint repository.




  • Fotoview, the universal document viewer, is used to view, edit & collaborate documents and also to redact, review & approve them.  It can be integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.
  • It supports a wide range of document and image file formats like PDF, TIFF, DOC and DOCX, EXCEL, PowerPoint, VISIO, PNG, JPG and BMP.
  • Selectively encrypts and redacts sensitive sections within a document to protect them from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. Intelligent indexing transforms the tedious process of manual document indexing into a more efficient one – enabling accurate and rapid searching, thus saving time.



Challenges Faced by Fotopia while testing the Add-on Apps

  • Main Challenge faced by the Fotosign application was the unstable working environment. Server got stuck frequently due to overload and large file size.
  •  It was required to restart the server many times during the usage of the application due to the unstable environment.
  • To make the application work in different versions of different browsers was a hectic task.
  • Main Challenge faced by FotoCapture application was in the successful implementation of  the indexing feature and OCR feature.
  • Difficulties encountered by the FotoView application were in its capacity to support multiple file formats and in implementing annotation.
  • The client lacked an in-house testing team. They required the service of software testers from independent software testing companies who were experienced in testing plug-ins embedded in Microsoft Outlook and testing document management applications integrated with sharepoint and Microsoft 365.


Solutions designed by Tesvox for beating the challenges

Fotopia identified our capacity in meeting their software testing requirements after making thorough inquiries. We were given a trial period of a few days to commence testing and prove our capability. After this trial tenure, they were satisfied with our performance and entrusted with us the new venture of executing software testing on their applications. The software testers from Testvox started full-fledged testing of their applications subsequently.

  • A thorough application testing service was provided for each of their applications separately.
  • Started by formalizing test environment requirements early in the software testing life cycle to clear the unstable test environment issue .
  • Used browserstack to conduct the testing of the applications using different browsers.



The tests were run in multiple versions of these 5 browsers.

  • Software testing went almost in parallel with software development. All the applications entrusted by them were tested simultaneously.
  • Ensured proper communication across the team. The bugs were notified in time to the software developers from photopia using the testing management tool to get them fixed instantly.
  • Test cases corresponding to different types of software testing executed were prepared by the software testing team from Testvox. These test cases were ensured approval from the team managers of Fotopia before their execution.
  • By performing functional testing on their applications, we were able to track the bugs Properly.  Regression testing followed after the correction of bugs reported from a module was completed by the software developers from Fotopia
  • At the end, Sanity testing was done to ensure the steady performance of the application and to check the whole system finally for errors or any other issues.


Technology Stack



Azure Devops – This service simplifies the effort to Define test plans, test cases , Raise defects and also to Create test tasks.

  • It supports a collaborative culture that brings together developers, project managers, and software testers to develop software.
  • It aids software firms to create and improve products much faster than they can with traditional software development approaches.

“We used Azure Devops to create test cases, to report bugs and also to keep a track of the tasks”.

The Results

  • As a result of thorough software testing service from Testvox,  Fotopia was able to release all the 3 document management applications successfully on time into the software market.
  • All these applications are running smoothly currently without any issues.
  • Fotopia’s set of efficient tools are now used by a large number of their service seekers to manage documents, content and information on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.