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Non Functional Testing

Non Functional Testing

22 April 2020 4 MIN READ BY Pradeep K

Non Functional testing can be performed after the functional testing of a mobile application.


Non-functionality testing is the best practice to check the storage of a mobile application like if there is any change in the size of the software before and after downloading.

Download time

We have to check how much time is consumed to download the mobile application in normal cases. The network issues may interrupt the proper downloading of the application so we will also look for the functioning of this application in all networks like 2G/3G/4G. An assessment of the act of application without the internet also has to be analyzed.

Interrupt testing

Check the behaviour of your application like, the way it deals with any quick interruption while processing. The reaction of your application when there is a sudden incoming call, message, or a battery low warning is being monitored. Also, every case is monitored again by turning the mobile data on and off.

Size of Buttons matter

Every button in your application should be user-friendly. The user must be able to differentiate between buttons. So the size of a button must be accessible.

Buttons must be placed in the right place

There must be proper placement for every button in an application. A proper pattern for placing every button ensures that the users can avoid confusion in search of the buttons such as the Home button, Exit button, and so on.

Procedures while installing an application

There would be a common approach for installing every application from the Playstore/Appstore. We will check if any sort of unwanted process or validation is required for installing your application. Also, it should be checked that the version of an application in the play store/App store is shown the same, as before and after downloading the application.


An accurate response always matters for mobile applications because everyone prefers an application that is quick to respond. So it is essential to check the response of each button and evaluate its performance in both cases by turning the mobile data on and off.

Battery Consumption statistics

Every application has a different type of battery consumption. Some may consume less and some consume more and drain the battery within a short time span. The battery usage completely depends upon the application and its performance. It is important to check how the battery consumption is related to the performance of that application.

System Response

Figure out the system response i.e., how much time is taken to open the application once it has been closed and also check the functioning of the system in its background while downloading or uploading a file.

Different type of Non-functional testing

There are different types of Non-functional testing. Performance testing is one among them which includes load testing, stress testing, volume testing and many others. These are automated and every application must go through these kinds of testing to ensure good performance and a better user experience.