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Step Inside Testvox Virtual Office : Experience the Future of Remote Work

Step Inside Testvox Virtual Office : Experience the Future of Remote Work

24 April 2023 4 Minutes Read BY Sheeshma Murali

Welcome to our virtual office! With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we work, Testvox, like many other companies, had to adapt to remote work. At first, we were worried about the challenges of maintaining productivity and engagement without a physical office space. But then we discovered the virtual office through Cosmos Video, and it changed the game for us.

Cosmos Video provided us with a virtual Testvox HQ, where we could work, collaborate, and hang out, just like in a traditional office. It was amazing how we could connect with employees in new ways, even though we couldn’t meet up in person daily.


Dedicated Workstations

First stop on our virtual tour? Our dedicated workstations, where we get stuff done in style. Imagine this; virtual desks decked out with all the virtual tools we need to do our tasks. It’s like having our very own virtual office space, tailored just for us. No more fighting over the office chair or stealing office supplies – it’s all virtual, and it’s all ours. You can walk around and chit-chat with others just as you would in a physical workspace, with sound limited to those within your immediate vicinity and just a heads up – there are some seriously restricted rooms in our virtual office, with lock features. So, if you’re thinking about trying to sneak a peek, you better get permission first. It’s kinda like knocking on the door before entering someone’s office – good virtual etiquette, Isnt?


Virtual Rooms

Next up, let’s check out our virtual rooms, where the magic happens. We’ve got these virtual board rooms that are basically like our go-to spots for all kinds of meetings. We use them for video conferences, brainstorming sessions, and even training workshops and webinars where teams level up their skills. It’s like having a virtual classroom, minus the boring desks and pens. Our first batch of campus recruitment trainees were fortunate enough to have their very own meeting room, which they used to snuggle up in during off-hours for learning and clearing doubts. That’s not all – we’ve also got these one-on-one spaces or private corners where people like HR & Business Analysts can escape for some alone time that keep others intrigued as to what’s going on in there.


Testvox Virtual Rooms by Cosmos


Recreation Rooms

Now, let’s kick back and relax in our virtual recreation rooms. We know the importance of taking breaks and having some fun, even in a virtual world. Our virtual recreation rooms are our relaxation zones, complete with virtual games, virtual coffee breaks, and virtual lounge areas. It’s like hitting the pause button and enjoying some downtime with our co-workers. It’s all about team bonding and virtual good vibes!


Office Activities

We’re not all play and no work in our virtual office. Despite being a fully virtual office, we have created a designated common area within our virtual space where team members can gather and engage in monthly team-building activities. We organized various engaging virtual events that could be relished by all from the comfort of their homes. These events included fun-competitions with surprise winners, group festivities for occasions such as Onam, Christmas,(etc.) and musical videos for birthdays/festivals. One virtual event that stood out for its success was the New Year’s cake-making competition, which saw enthusiastic participation from competitors despite the geographical distance.


Also, to keep things more connected, we make sure to send gifts and sweets to our employees for special occasions and festivals(like Diwali). Sometimes we get together in person with our coworkers who live nearby. And once a year, Testvox have a grand Annual Gathering that everyone can come to along with their families, even our offshore employees, thanks to the company providing stay options. All of these things help us feel like we’re one big team, though we’re not all in the same place!

And that’s a wrap on our virtual office tour! Hope you enjoyed the laid-back vibe of our remote world. With dedicated workstations, virtual rooms, and recreation areas, we’ve got it all covered. It’s a whole new way of working that’s all about embracing the virtual and keeping it casual. Thanks for hanging out with us and taking a virtual stroll through our virtual office.


Cosmos Soumya Testimonial - Testvox