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Testvox at Gitex 2021 | Gitex in Dubai

Testvox at Gitex 2021 | Gitex in Dubai

18 May 2022 5 MIN READ BY Shubhangi Singh

Gitex in Dubai: Briefed

Gitex, as it is more commonly known, is the abbreviation for “Gulf Information Technology Exhibition” which is an annual technology trade show and conference happening in Dubai. It paves the opportunity for the public and people in the technological discipline to see and experience the latest inventions and innovations in the world, and to get a sense of the latest trends. Almost all tech giants and innovators of the world and creative startups from different parts of the world will be assembled under one roof to showcase new technological products and identify future opportunities. This technological extravaganza is highly inspirational to all enthusiastic technocrats and entrepreneurs.

About Testvox

Testvox, a young and skyrocketing software testing company was established in the year 2017 and is solely focused on software testing. With the world advancing so rapidly in technological evolution, we are also synced to the rhythm. On successful completion of 22 different software testing projects, we earned a worldwide reputation for quality in software testing within a short duration amidst the industries dealing with quality assurance activity.
Our services in software testing include functional testingautomation testing, performance testing, mobile testing and API testing. Currently, the industries we focus on are the Learning & education domain, finance & banking domain, e-commerce & retail, mobility & travel, social media & B2C and health care.
Testvox has already spread its wings over the emirates of UAE with our expertise in software testing. We have collaborated with three software enterprises till now. By taking part in Gitex in Dubai for the year 2021, Testvox has clearly made its intention to learn more about software testing companies in Dubai and UAE based IT industries discernible and to extend our services to them in order to help them prosper.

Testvox at Gitex in Dubai

This year’s Gitex was an important event for us as we were able to make our presence noticeable amidst peer software firms. We have had fruitful communications and delightful experiences from Gitex 2021.
Testvox mainly focused on start-up software firms and their quality assurance activity at Gitex in Dubai. We met with Dubai based start-up software firms to know about their products and to discuss the importance of software testing and how our software testing activities could transform their products. We were able to share our knowledge and experiences with them. Our team discussed about the areas that required improvement, how to improve the quality of their products and the benefits of outsourcing software testing of their product.
Testvox is associated with three major software firms from Dubai till now. They have placed their faith in us and have entrusted their application softwares with us to resolve the impediments and to transform them to bug free products.


Our clients in Dubai

1. NorthLadder

Located in: DWTC, Dubai
Founding year: 2017
Number of employees: 11-50
NorthLadder is an auction driven selling platform for used electronic equipment where people can sell their used items to a network of global buyers and get cash instantly in a safe manner.

Why did they approach us:

NorthLadder faced a shortage of experienced resources in fintech and thus approached Testvox to make use of our service.

How we solved:

Testvox immediately onboarded resources. The team of Testers from Testvox, highly skilled for performing functional testing in the finance and e-commerce domain, collaborated with the developers from North Ladder who were responsible for assigning tasks. With proper assistance and service from Testvox testers, their application software was finally streamlined to work perfectly and flawlessly.

2. Cadvil

Located in: Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai
Founding year: 2015
Number of employees: 11-50
Cadvil is a global Software Services company, providing development of End-to-End Application Softwares, Consulting, and R&D Services to Enterprises of all sizes and in multiple domains.

Why did they approach us:

They experienced lag in their application softwares and met with bugs in the existing features while implementing new features. Testing of their application softwares was handled by software developers until the management decided to hand over the task to independent companies. That is when they contacted Testvox. They had faith that the process would improve with effective testing.

How we solved:

We were able to keep up their belief. We completed testing of their application softwares within six months. Furthermore, we actively assisted them during the release of their application.

3. Infotiz solutions

Located in: Trade Centre 1, Dubai
Founding year: 2012
Number of employees: 11-50
Infotiz solutions is a software development firm. They are service providers of software development, IT support and consulting companies and affordable turnkey projects.

Why did they approach us:

Infotiz offers solutions to HR softwares with a variety of options. They decided to change the architecture of their application softwares in order to add more features to upscale themselves. Since they didn’t have an in-house team to perform software testing activities, they were in search of a firm specialised in software testing services only. They identified Testvox after extensive search and chose us. We worked with their application softwares closely to transform them to an impeccable product.

How we solved:

Our well experienced software testers, who were already working in the HR domain, were able to identify the existing bugs in the application software entrusted by Infotiz and planned on how to rectify them. We had almost 5000 test cases saved with us related to the HR domain itself and hence the task was skilfully completed with our expertise. Our suggestions on the application area helped them widely in developing a new structure. In addition to that, the test cases provided by us were used by their software developers for unit testing.

The meet ups with different software firms amid Gitex in Dubai made us more resourceful and powerful as a result of the discussions and knowledge sharing that happened at the exhibition venue during the tenure of the show. We look forward with great hope to make use of the knowledge and experiences gained from the show to deliver exemplary software testing services to the newly anticipated clients and projects.