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Why and how QA outsourcing can help?

Why and how QA outsourcing can help?

12 August 2020 15 MIN READ BY Rahul

Why Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is a critical part of software development life cycle. Choosing the right QA partner can lead to several benefits.

Dealing with the current scenario

The crisis has already taken all of us by surprise globally. Returning to the previous scale and adjusting to new market trends, businesses might have to change most of their habits and usual working practices.
Who could have imagined, we managed to adjust every aspect of our lives to online communication! Work conferences, schools, doctor consultations, even theatres have gone online. If you were skeptical about QA outsourcing before, now you see that it is possible to set up remote work efficiently, especially if a partner company has enough/huge experience with this.
Quality assurance is essential for tech businesses and start-ups that crawl out of recession and need a quick restart. People have been forced to digitize every sphere of their lives in due time. The software quality increased quickly to withstand the load. To stay competitive, you need to stick to the same high level. This task requires proper software  testing and a highly-functional team that can carry it out.


Some practical benefits of outsourcing QA

New Perspectives are always good
It always helps to let an outside expert take a view of the product you have built. Many a times, the development team that has worked on the product is bound to oversee the errors because they work on it day in and day out. Outsourcing your QA brings in much needed objectivity and expert insight for an unbiased evaluation of the product.

Focus is the key
While someone else takes care of maintaining the QA of your product and ensuring it is bug free, your team can focus on building a good infallible software product. In fact, by outsourcing QA you can identify the bugs in advance and improvise on the product at hand.

Get all the time in the world
By outsourcing your QA, you can free up your team to take up other important tasks while and expert QA team looks into your project. Which in turn adds much more value to your resources.

A world where change is the only constant
Third party QA providers ensure a comprehensive change management process. This can prove to be extremely helpful if client frequently change requirements. It allows, flexibility and scalability of the project without hindering its progress.

Automation in QA
QA testing methods are slowly getting automated. Companies may not be able to procure knowledge of all the automation tools and technologies. It only takes sense to outsource QA to the third party that will have a tab on the recent advancements in technology. This will also ensure that the QA is done with cutting edge technology standards and not compromised at all.

Let that product perform better
We only know how good software is after it is properly tested. A great idea doesn’t make an excellent app unless it offers flawless performance.

“Now that the world is ready to work remotely, outsourcing has become even easier and reliable. If everything sits well with you, discuss copyright protection. It is usually a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that outlines the confidential information both parties share. Whether you need to build a QA process from scratch or extend your team, QA outsourcing is a way to do it.”